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Mira Rajput Kapoor’s MUA  On Her Minimalistic Approach To Beauty, Fave Products & More

Mira Rajput Kapoor’s MUA On Her Minimalistic Approach To Beauty, Fave Products & More

Mira Rajput Kapoor’s aesthetic has always played muse to my own—composed of barely-there elements, each of her looks attest to the miracle of blush, and sing the praises of minimalism—cue shades of nude coming into bloom on her lips, and eyebrows descending upon her forehead in all of their brushed-out glory.

Mira has made beauty accessible and relatable for most of us; and cemented her reputation as our go-to for anything skincare or makeup-related. Whether it’s her #BareFaceBeauty series on Instagram that introduces us to some of her all-natural hacks, or her DIY night-time face-massage regimen on YouTube, she’s unfiltered and real, and simplifies the concept of beauty for her followers. With everyone else on the Internet conforming to today’s standards of beauty, Mira sets her own—ones reflective of reality.

I remember following one of her QnAs on Instagram a couple of days ago (and, of course, her penchant for nude lip-colours was evident). She classified her skin-type as combination, and called it moody (with and like the weather)—can we not relate? As for makeup must-haves, the minimalist advised finding a shade of nude (lipstick) that’s perfect for your (specific) skin-tone; using a mascara; and swearing by a (light) concealer that corrects and brightens so you can look fresh without having to use too much foundation.

When asked what she eats and drinks, she says her diet consists of well-balanced, simple, vegetarian food; and that she drinks lots of water along with ‘petha’ juice and ghee (in the morning). She goes on to reveal that she applies DIY raw milk on her face too.

Mira’s MUA, Shraddha Inder Mehta, talked to me, very briefly, about the the minimalist’s philosophies, and how they extend to her looks. Ahead—our conversation.

Mira Rajput Kapoor’s Tryst With Beauty Is A Simple One, According To Her MUA

Mira seems like she’s more of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. What are some things you do, as an MUA, to play to that aesthetic?

She is! She keeps it so real, and it’s something I love about her. I just put the right amount (of products) to enhance her features, and that’s all she needs when she decides to put makeup on. Where she is concerned—the lesser I put, the better it is.

How do you accentuate her features while letting her skin breathe—and just be?

Like I said—the lesser the better! With Mira, there is always very less product used. This allows her skin to breathe. One never needs much with her face. She keeps it real with her makeup, and everyone sees that.

What’s the secret to her fresh-faced glow?

She is so particular with everything in life, and she’s highly disciplined with her water-intake; with her food; and with her exercise. She makes sure to sleep eight hours every night, and that makes her skin feel super fresh. Her skin is always moisturised to the T! And then, of course, I use a mosturiser called Moiz before I begin my makeup.

What are Mira’s go-to makeup products?

If you’re looking for something simple and quick: start off by applying a little bit of the Armani Beauty Power Fabric Concealer in 6.5 around the eyes. Go on to accentuate the apples of your cheeks with the Nudestix Nudies Blush in Sweet Peach Peony. Layer a little bit of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer Benefit Precisely on your cheekbones. Line your lids with the My Brow Pencil Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal in Just Marsala, and line your lips with Charlotte Tilbury Lipliner in Pink Venus before filling them in with the Colorbar Born to Glow (High Beam) lip-balm.

Mira has spoken about her love for nude lipsticks. She says she prefers makeup that doesn’t change the way she looks. Which one’s her absolute favourite shade?

‘In love with Olivia’ from Charlotte tilbury is her go-to.

It’s safe to say that blush headlines all of her looks. Are there any techniques behind applying blush the correct way?

Just smile. Make sure your apples of your cheeks are popping, and there you go.

Any tips you’d like to share with people who have a similar complexion and face-shape as Mira?

Keep it minimal guys. The lesser you use, the better it is.

What according to you is an absolute no-no when it comes to skincare and makeup?

Any product whether makeup or skin care that has fragrance is an absolute no-no.

In case you were looking for recommendations for blushers, Meera’s swears by NARS’ Orgasm during humid weather; and Nudestix’ Sweet Peach Peony (that she’s giving a rest during this weather).

And that was it.

Featured Image: Instagram

17 Jun 2022

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