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This Is What Mira Rajput’s Mother-In-Law Has To Say About Her Being A ‘Brat’

This Is What Mira Rajput’s Mother-In-Law Has To Say About Her Being A ‘Brat’

All thanks to the great Indian soap operas, the saas-bahu relationship has been perpetually maligned in our collective psyche. This explains why every time we think of a saas-bahu duo it is automatically assumed that they must be at loggerheads and one of them must be making life hell for the other. But in reality, there are MILs and DILs who have mutual respect and share a beautiful relationship. Mira Rajput and her MIL, Neelima Azeem are surely one such duo. 

In a recent interview with an entertainment platform, Neelima talked about Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter, and the relationship that she shares with her daughter-in-law. “With Mira, I have all the understanding of what two women who are on the same page can have and who share the same life with the same people. And we’re both cool,” she said during the conversation.

During the interview, Neelima talked about how Mira is more of a friend and less of a daughter-in-law and praised her for her intelligence, kindness, and selflessness. “Maybe I understand her because she is young, she got kids at a very young age, she’s an extremely intelligent individual, yet she is kind and giving, understanding — I was very understanding with my first husband with his talent and his expertise get that break and I actually said ‘haan jao.’ She is somebody who doesn’t try to get her attention or seek that highlight, she’s just not a brat. She’s well-brought-up,” she said. Neelima further shared that she is pretty close to Mira’s parents as well. 


That said, with Mira and Neelima, the admiration is indeed mutual. The former often posts pictures of her mom-in-law on Instagram and calls her the “world’s best dadi.” Earlier on her birthday, Mira had also written a heartfelt note for Neelima while calling her the “Pied piper to the kids, lioness mama to her cubs” and her “forever friend.”

Well, we absolutely dig their camaraderie and hope that more of this side of the saas-bahu bond is shown in the Indian soaps and popular media. For the longest time, patriarchy has been pitching women against women. It is high time that we reclaim the power and show them the kind of magic that happens when women support women. It does not always have to be ‘saas, bahu, and saazish’ you know. We hope Indian soap makers (read, Ekta Kapoor) are listening. 

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13 Apr 2021

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