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Mira Kapoor’s DIY Acne Spot Treatment Is Kinda Genius & Actually Works

Mira Kapoor’s DIY Acne Spot Treatment Is Kinda Genius & Actually Works

Mira Kapoor is a sworn natural skincare junkie. The star wife and influencer is always glowing and that’s because she always tries the purest ways to care for her skin with mindful skincare products and hacks. 

While talking about the many skincare DIYs she uses because her fans wanted to know more about them, Mira unveiled one of her simplest DIYs that she absolutely loves. Mira makes her own spot corrector whenever she needs to make a pimple look less prominent and it works for her. Here’s what is.

Mira Kapoor’s DIY Prep

Before following any DIY recipe, Mira has a few rules that she follows so that everything goes right. She recommends clipping your nails and washing your hands thoroughly before beginning any DIY.

She also ensures the vessels she is using to whip up the natural DIYs in her kitchen are clean and sanitised. These precautions ensure that there is no bacteria contaminating your beauty DIYs and that everything’s safe to use.


What Is Mira Kapoor’s Pimple Hack?

Mira uses basil to calm down a sudden pimple. She said, “This is super quick. If you have an ugly zit that comes right before you have to go out somewhere, and it’s inflamed and it’s red, I figured this hack out a couple of years ago when I was experiencing some serious PCOS-like acne condition, which was basil steeped in water.”

Basil, otherwise known as tulsi, is a traditional herb sacred to India and it has long been used in home remedies and OTC products to treat acne. 

How To Follow Mira Kapoor’s DIY Pimple Hack?

Mira explained, “You just steep the basil in water, cool it down, take some cotton and dab it on whatever acne you have and trust me it’s going to settle. It’s not going to go away, but temporarily it’s going to reduce the redness and reduce the bump.”

Steeping basil leaves in hot water and then straining and chilling the basil-infused water is a great solution to apply on pimples as “basil is antiinflammatory,” said Mira.


Mira’s hack can also double as a toning face mist which is great for acne-prone skin.

Benefits Of Mira Kapoor’s Pimple Hack With Basil

Mira believes this hack really helps her as compared to, “Using those pens and things like that which actually end up leaving marks in the long run.” 

Basil has a minty effect on the skin that helps instantly soothe and disinfect acne while reducing its size. It helps clear out bacteria from the pores and even relieves pain caused by the breakout.

Basil-Infused Skincare Products To Try Out

The Indulgeo Essentials Pore Minimizer Spearmint And Basil Toning Mist can be spritzed on as a toner or to hydrate and disinfect acne-prone skin.


The St. Botanica Neem, Tea Tree And Basil Anti Acne Face Gel is a refreshing face gel that will control excess oil production, soothe existing acne, and prevent pimples from occurring.

The Juicy Chemistry 100% Organic Australian Tea Tree & Basil Water is a mist that helps soothe irritated skin.

Give Mira Kapoor’s simple pimple hack a spin with basil water a try and you won’t be too worried about an unexpected pimple again.

Featured Images: Instagram

15 May 2023

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