6 Manicure Designs That You’ll Love If You’re All About Minimalism

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 6, 2021
Minimal Manicure Designs For Summer


While colourful, unabashedly bold nail designs are certainly not a new thing in the beauty sphere, it’s the eye-catching minimal nail designs that are gaining traction at the moment. After hard-hitting research of scrolling, saving, and screenshotting through our manicure-heavy Insta feed, we noticed plenty of nail art designs that minimalist mani lovers will adore.

From reverse mani to lava lamp nails and gradient nails- there’s something to cater to every style aesthetic. If you wish to give your nails an undeniably cool factor, keep scrolling for ‘Gram-worthy manicures that will instantly upgrade your look without any effort.

Bookmark These Minimal Manicure Designs To Make A Head-Turning Statement

The One That Perf For Summer

Using complementary hues on each nail will add a spark to this fresh bright-hued look. We love everything about this cute, easy, and fuss-free nail art. It’s perfect for all the minimalist folks out there who wish to make an eye-catching statement with barely any effort.

French Manicure With A Dash Of Gold

The best way to upgrade your go-to minimalist french mani? Trade in the regular white nail tips with a gold one and be prepared to make a polished, fashion-forward statement. It makes for a perfect manicure for the sparkle-inclined. With a sheer neutral base with a hit of gold, this manicure proves that minimal can be festive and fun, too.

Cutesy Pastel Mani

If there’s one manicure trend that’s nearly inescapable at the moment, it without a doubt is the paste-hued iterations. This one is so fresh-looking that we’ve actually crowned it as one of the trendiest styles of manicure. It’s playful, audacious, and screams summer. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Pick Your Fav Emoticon

For french tip 2.0, try this on-trend manicure. A step up from regular fresh manicures, this design basically gives the ease to incorporate your favourite emoji into your manicure design. The emojis provide striking interest without taking entirely of your nails and will instantly elevate your style.

Spirals For Cool-Girl Vibe

Serious question: is there anything cuter than these pastel spirals? For an ultra-low-lift spin, try a minimal nail design. To get this playful look. All you have to do is take a precise brush, you can use an old and clean eyeliner brush to create some asymmetrical lines of your favourite pastel hues. Then seal the deal with sheer nail paint on top.

Statement-Making Checkered Nails

For a peek summer look, call on this season’s hottest trends aka checkered print. Be it fashion or beauty, the print has been ruling the style space. You can either choose the classic combination of black and white or something super fresh like this one. Stick with colours that you can vibe with that you have fun with your nail art and it stays true to your style. 

Screenshot these designs to show them to your trusty nail stylist.

Featured Image: Instagram