Are You Team Millennial Or Gen Z When It Comes To Beauty Trends? We’ve Got The Deets

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 22, 2021
Are You Team Millennial Or Gen Z When It Comes To Beauty Trends? We’ve Got The Deets


Welcome to the great Gen Z- millennial divide. Between its call for the end of skinny jeans and how to correctly part your hair, the younger generation has some pretty polarizing opinions that have everyone on both sides up in arms. While we’ve definitely taken sides on some things, we still feel trapped between the two groups. As it turns out, the clash between generations can be seen on all social platforms, but none is as subtle as Pinterest. Battle lines have been drawn – given the platform’s ability to divide searches by age range – they can point us in the right direction, based on our beauty preferences.

Intrigued? We are too. We did some sleuthing to scout some of the key beauty trends which are a hit among Gen Z and millennials. Ahead, we break it down, so you can determine which beauty trends speak to you and the group you fall into – if not technically, then just when it comes to aesthetics.

PS: we want to know which side you are on? Team side part or team middle part.

Beauty Trends Loved By Gen Z VS Millennials: Which Makeup Trend Are You Behind?

Gen Z: Pink Glossy Pout

The pink gloss trend has spread like wildfire among the Gen-Z and the spotlight on glossy lips has been shining brighter than ever. Thanks to the ultimate beauty queen aka Kylie Jenner for her undeniable lip-centric influence. According to Pinterest data, Gen Z is big into the minimalist approach to makeup, keeping things fresh and natural with low-key lip looks that are equal parts edgy yet neutral. 

Millennials: ‘90s-Inspired Brown Lipsticks

Millennials, we are nothing if not specific. One trend Pinterest has seen moving to the stof spot in our age range is the brown lipstick trend. When it comes to makeup, the millennials are throwing it back to the 90s. From Ariana Grande to Shay Mitchel- all the celebs are playing up this retro trend. And as for pairing it with certain makeup looks, there’s a lot of versatility with brown lipsticks. 

Gen-Z: Pastel-Hued Makeup

When it comes to eye makeup, this season Gen Z is favouring lighter hues like pastels. Makeup looks with white eyeliner and candy-inspired makeup looks are not only flooding our Instagram feeds but they are some of the most-searched beauty looks among Gen Z. In addition to that, wonderfully fresh iterations of mint-hued eye makeup have been hitting up. 

Millennials: Red-Hot Eyeshadow

Millennials are opting for classic, richer shades with red-hued eyeshadow makeup taking a surprise lead. It is having a serious moment amongst millennials. Just sweep a red shadow on your lids, all the way up to the crease, and then enhance the look with eyeliner. If you’re exacting, tight line your lower lash line with white kohl to make your eyes pop. 

Gen Z: On-Trend Pastel Nails

Gen Z is trading ‘millennial pink’ for lilac and lavender. When it comes to nails, the younger generation gravitates towards quick fixes that let them move on fast, which is the reason why press-ons are wildly popular among Gen-Z. Summer-friendly pastel shades are a huge hit and “lavender nails with artsy designs” have been bubbling up. 

Millennials: Statement-Making Cow Print Nails

One of the best things about the cowhide nail look is how deceptively simple it is. Unlike the total precision required to nail even a basic French, minute imperfections will only add to your spotted look in this case. It’s uber-versatile, effortless and an edgy way to update your basic manicure.

Which tribe are you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Featured Image: Instagram