Hack Or Wack: Millennial Beauty Tricks GenZ Swears Against

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 6, 2021
Hack Or Wack: Millennial Beauty Tricks GenZ Swears Against




While a few millennial fashion and beauty trends are digging their way back to this decade, GenZ refuses to let bizarre beauty hacks live. As a part of the GenZ generation, I am here to politely ask you to dump these tips and tricks if your goal is healthy skin and hair.

STOP: What You’re Doing Wrong


With evolving technologies and advanced product formulations, beauty enthusiasts have started to throw out DIYs and homemade recipes. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are good and they actually work, but most of them do more harm than good. Read on for an in-depth breakdown of a few millennial beauty trends that proved to be a flop.

Citric Fruits In DIY Skincare



One of the biggest mistakes experts warns us against – applying raw and un-processed vitamin C on the skin. Most citric fruits like lemon, amla orange, grapefruit, and tomato are rich in antioxidants, which is a sought-after property in skincare and haircare ingredients. However, vitamin C in these fruits is present in the form of citric acid which gives your DIY some side effects. 

Extremely acidic in nature, raw citric juice is not only unnecessarily harsh for the skin, but can also result in peeling, redness, irritation, and burns. It also disturbs the skin’s pH level and increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Yes, you are more susceptible to get a harsher tan after a lemon DIY. 

On the other hand, specially formulated skin care products have a controlled concentration of vitamin C that works to do wonders for your skin. Trash all your tomato and lemon skincare DIYs ASAP. 

The Eye Liner Pull



Did you learn to do your eyeliner by pulling on your eyelid too, or was it just me and my friends? 

Winged liner and cat liner progressed into becoming a resurging ‘makeup trend’ when I was still in school. At that time, I saw beauty YouTubers and bloggers (millennials, duh) pulling on their eyelids in order to draw a straight liner. Naturally, that’s the method I learned and continued to do so until I realised the grave effects of crow’s feet. I remember wondering if it was the right thing to do then, and voila, now fellow GenZ influencers are busting this trick of ruthlessly pulling onto sensitive under-eye skin. 

To get that on-point wing, you don’t even need to close your eyes to begin. With open eyes, trace an elongated line along the direction of your eyelashes and fill it in. No tugging and pulling required. 

Heat For Hair



Okay, let’s give credit where it’s due. Millennials were technically the ones to start the rage of ‘heatless curls’ and ‘heatless waves’. But no overnight DIY was successful enough to be labelled as the ultimate hair hack. While hair straighteners, dryers, and traditional heat styling remain popular, GenZ is big on shifting to healthy hair practices. 

GenZ not only brought back hair curlers but now lives on Dyson – the holy grail for heatless hair styling. These expensive (read very expensive) hair tools are one of the most hyped hair tools today and rightly so. Along with experimenting with healthier hair hacks, this generation has also inculcated an inclusive hair trend. Contrary to older beliefs, all hair is beautiful and accepted. This way, people don’t feel pressured into constantly straightening their hair or curling them.

Replace these skincare and haircare hacks from your routines with healthier practices. For better results, see an expert for targeted advice. 

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