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Remember Milind Soman’s Controversial Birthday Suit Pic? Here’s What He Thinks About It

Remember Milind Soman’s Controversial Birthday Suit Pic? Here’s What He Thinks About It

Pictures of the popular chocolate boy….erm, I mean man, Milind Soman‘s 55th birthday went viral on social media a while ago. He brought in his birthday in his birthday-suit i.e. sans clothes. While we couldn’t help but admire this gorgeous man’s too-good-to-be-true picture, we have to say that Milind looks just as appealing as he did 25 years ago when he bared it all for the much talked about shoot with Madhu Sapre. 

Milind Soman says ‘Don’t follow me’

Milind’s bold birthday photo opened doors to several controversies but he doesn’t seem like someone who’d let it slide! Speaking about his controversial photo in an interview with Hindustan Times, Milind said, “Why wouldn’t I put it on my Instagram page? If you don’t want to follow me, don’t follow me.”


The oh-so-handsome model-actor said that in the end, it’s all about one’s perspective. He further added that if someone doesn’t like it, they simply shouldn’t look at it. Mr Soman also suggested that people have the choice to unfollow him, but we’re still going to follow him for all those drool-worthy photos and videos!


“When someone tells me, ‘Oh, you uploaded a naked picture!’ Yes, uploaded where? On Instagram, which has not removed it, so they don’t care. If you search #naked on Instagram, there will be more than 10 million photographs. So, you have to decide. You hashtagged naked and pressed the search button, that is your choice. If you don’t do it, you won’t see it,” Milind said during his interview. 

“You have to tell people, ‘Sex will be shown. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch this. There is bad language. There is violence. If you don’t want to see blood, don’t watch it for sure.’ That is given and then, people have the choice. Because finally, if you don’t give them the choice, they will never understand anything,” he added.


Milind Soman’s naked birthday picture had caused quite an uproar. In fact, an FIR was also filed by the Goa police against him for running naked on the beach!


Everything being said and done, we still love Milind Soman as much as we did years ago!  We can’t help but admire his free spirit and how fabulous he always looks! 

Feature Image: Instagram

17 Dec 2020

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