Met Gala 2021: A Round-Up Of All The Headlining Beauty Looks

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 14, 2021
Met Gala 2021: A Round-Up Of All The Headlining Beauty Looks


Have I ever been invited to the Met Gala? No.
Is there a close chance in the future? A hard no.
But did my fashion and beauty-obsessed self miss the OTT pap moments? A solid yes.

After a pandemic-induced hiatus of a little more than 2 years now, we have been blessed with Met Gala 2021, the theme of which is “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”. The theme might be fashion-centric, but let me tell you, that this year’s celebrity (and influencer) clad, ultimate ball of the year witnessed some jaw-dropping beauty statements. So when I woke up to my Instagram flooding with major Met Ball moments, there was no doubt, that it is time for a beauty round-up.

Red Carpet Round Up

From the sizzling presence of Megan Fox to the headlining ensemble of Billie Eilish, there’s got to be something that you couldn’t take your eyes off of. While Kim Kardashian’s very BDSM outfit is taking over all the discussions, we are highlighting some beauty looks at Met Gala that had us wow-ing at our screens.

Red And Foxy

While we think that this look could have done without the sleek fringe addition, we are so in love with the red madness. Megan’s lips are one of her best features and making them the star of the look with a red glossy lip was the best decision. Paired with an extra subtle smokey eye, white waterline, and bright inner lids, the eye element in this makeup look is prominent, yet doesn’t steal the light away from the lips.

Periwinkle Power

Gray might be the Pantone colour of the year, but periwinkle has risen above it and these Met Gala looks are proof. Gigi Hadid’s cat-eye with periwinkle eyeshadow is the ultimate show stopper of her otherwise colour-sans look. Her outfit is strictly black and white, while her lips and cheeks are nude. The red high pony is giving major Ari vibes; however, looks drastically different with her round face shape. It definitely gives her face a lifted effect.

Looks That Can Kill

The billionaire owner of the most popular up-and-coming beauty brand had to serve looks – and guess what? She delivered. Rihanna opted for a classic deep red lip look, paired with a cat-eye liner and falsies. Her cheeks are subtly contoured and her blush is placed directly under her eyes for a lifting effect. A couple of carefully styled curly locks that fall from her bedazzled cap give her face a soft structure and a feminine effect that looks powerful.

A Cat Eye Revolution

The Met Gala is no stranger to political statements in the form of outfits, and this one has crept its way into our favourites (special shout out to AOC). While we are on the topic of statements, can we take a moment to adore this monotone cat-eye statement? All with a burgundy eyeshadow with a hint of brown undertones, Cara is sporting what looks like a freehand cat-eye that goes on the lids, and under the waterline. The look is paired with a subtle lip gloss and the vintage-inspired wet hair look that harmonizes very well together.

Geisha Gala

If you thought Naomi’s time to shine limits to the tennis court, you, my friend, might be wrong. She showed up to the Met Gala, and how. Her Geisha-inspired makeup and hairstyle tell us that she came to win. Fixed with mad amounts of hair spray and accessories, her hair seems to be the hero of the whole look at first glance. But her makeup is scoring some major points too. A pink stained look for eyeshadow, plus a bold red lip, minus eyeliner drama. This seems to be the recipe for a jaw-dropping makeup look and we’re taking notes.

Purple Haze

Barbie’s MUAs seem to be borrowing some makeup inspo from her infamous show Euphoria, and we are not mad about it. Her exaggerated purple cat-eye is paired with ultra-thin and long eyebrows. She has a berry-toned blush to complement her eyes and a nude lip. Euphoria represent!

Classic Nude

Is it even a top-scoring list if one of the Jenners didn’t make it? Following suit with their makeup and fashion influencing history, Kendall Jenner looked as beautiful and fresh as ever with her basic nude glam. Perfect to go with her embellished outfit, her nude glam makeup look included a foxy eyeliner, nude eyeshadow, a subtly coral blush, and a nude overlined lip.

YouTube’s Golden Child

It’s only fitting of her to go with a gold-themed look, isn’t it? The Met board might have included a handful of influencer celebrities in this legendary night out, but the internet has only approved the presence of a couple of them. YouTube famous, Emma Chamberlain happens to be one of them. Looks like this Louis Vuitton star came to impress with her gold-themed makeup look that matches with her outfit. Her makeup look comprises of a black smokey eye, paired with a gold foxy eyeliner, subtle contour and blushing, fold toned highlighter, and a nude lip.

A Vintage Moment

It is in form for Billie to make headlines for everything she does – music, body positivity, Netflix documentary, blonde hair, and whatnot. At this Met Gala event, she surprised us once again with the dress of our dreams, and makeup made out of the 90s inspired Pinterest pins. Heavy on the undereye kohl, blush, and a muted shade of brick red lipstick, her makeup look is worth a DIY try.

Which Met Gala makeup moment do you like the best?

Featured Images: Instagram