Feeling Anxious? 10 Insta Accounts To Follow For COVID-19-Induced Mental Health Woes

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 20, 2021
Feeling Anxious? 10 Insta Accounts To Follow For COVID-19-Induced Mental Health Woes


Sleep has been eluding me off late. No matter how much I try I just cannot sleep on time. The instant I close my eyes, my thoughts get cramped with all the COVID-19 updates that I hear or see during the day. Heartbreaking stories of people losing their loved ones or helplessly waiting for medical assistance have been haunting me 24*7. I am constantly worried, and selfish as it might sound, I just want people I care about to be safe right now. 

For someone who struggles with chronic anxiety, the current situation is not doing me any good. Then again, given the present circumstances, everyone must be dealing with their own triggers and mental health struggles right now. A WHO report states that in 2020, the pandemic severely disrupted mental health services in most countries. “Over 60% reported disruptions to mental health services for vulnerable people, including children and adolescents (72%), older adults (70%), and women requiring antenatal or postnatal services (61%),” were recorded in the report. 

Given that the situation is much worse in India right now than it was in 2020, one can easily say that we are currently dealing with not just one but two pandemics. Unfortunately, the mental health crisis is something that we don’t even have the bandwidth to pay heed to right now. This is a sad turn of events and it is important that we take care of ourselves and our mental health. We have curated a list of mental health resources and Instagram accounts that will help you with the COVID-19 anxiety.

Insta Accounts Addressing The Mental Health Crisis Right Now

Here is a list of Instagram accounts that will help you with your mental health struggles: 


Since 2020, Therapize has been compiling various lists of mental health professionals who can help you through the trying times. From therapists offering therapy for below Rs. 1000 to those offering therapy with a sliding scale payment options (when the professional is willing to adjust the fee), their Insta feed is a gold mine of mental health resources. 

How to contact: You can reach out to them on their website

One Stop Psychology

At a time when we are listening to so many horror stories, testing positive for COVID-1 can be a triggering experience. Add to it the entire process of quarantine and self-isolation and you can imagine what these patients must be going through. One Stop Psychology has recognised the same and is thus offering mental health assistance to COVID-19 positive people at a discounted price. 

How to contact: You can reach out to them on their website.


From an exhaustive list of mental health helplines to online therapy services, this organisation is currently working tirelessly to help you with your mental health struggles. They have also curated “a must-have catalogue for mental health resources” especially for these unprecedented times. 

How to contact: You can reach out to them on their website.

Pink List India

Last year in April, Pink List India created an entire glossary of mental health professionals who are queer-friendly. The past one year has been really hard for queer folks across the country especially the trans people and this list might come in handy. Make sure that you share this list with your queer friends.

How to contact: You can reach out to them on their website


Manoshakti has taken the initiative to provide free mental health counselling for anyone facing COVID-19 induced mental health issues. You can call anyone one of their counsellors from the list and talk to them.

How to contact: You can reach out to them through Instagram DM.

Bhavya Kulshreshtha

A psychologist herself, Bhavya has curated a list of organisations, helplines, support groups, apps, and workshops that will assist you with your mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has also been answering mental health questions through Instagram stories and you can tap on the ‘Resources’ section of her highlight for more details. 

How to contact: Click on this link to book a session. 


Mindroom is offering both free and paid counselling sessions for those in need. You can book a session at any time of the day and you would be immediately connected to a therapist if they are available at the time.  

How to contact: Click on this link to link to book a counselling session. 


The current crisis might be triggering for a lot of people. Suicide Prevention India is working tirelessly to assist anyone who might be feeling suicidal at the moment. 

How To Contact: Click here for their list of suicide prevention helplines. 

Better LYF

From relationship issues to work from home anxiety, every aspect of our lives is currently being impacted by the pandemic. The BetterLyf platform would help you find the right support and therapist as per your requirements. 

How to contact: You can reach out to them on their website.

It is important not just to seek help but also to amplify these resources. So many of us are struggling right now and just sharing this link might make things a little better for your loved ones. 

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