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Just Wow! Karan Kundrra’s Sister Thinks Tejasswi Prakash Is Hurting Her Laadla Bhai & We Are Shook

Just Wow! Karan Kundrra’s Sister Thinks Tejasswi Prakash Is Hurting Her Laadla Bhai & We Are Shook

Bigg Boss 15’s finale is just a week away and the anxious anticipation is clearly taking a toll on the contestants and their relationships. The impact is clearly visible on Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash who have been fighting non-stop, which has all the #TejRan fans on social media worried about their future. Their families are also noticing the strained relationship now. In fact, Karan’s sister Meenu Kundrra has already started tweeting against Teja making it apparent that she disapproves of the actress and does not want her brother to end up with her.

Meenu made it clear yesterday with her reply to a fan who asked her to accept Tejasswi. “Please teja ko be accept kardi. Karan k leye ache hain. Best jore hain (Please accept Teja. She is good for Karan and they make a nice pair),” the fan wrote. Meenu did not mince her words while replying to the tweet and wrote, “I don’t know her from Adams to like or dislike her. I just can’t stand the way she treats my brother-I dislike the hurt she causes Karan- he is all that matters to me!!”


Now, while Meenu reserves the right to like and dislike people as she pleases and support her brother before anyone else in the world, her reply has us a little confused. This is because we don’t understand what “hurt” and bad treatment she is talking about here. In fact, we are almost convinced that she is watching some other version of the show because from what we see, it is literally the other way round. It is Karan who have been misbehaving with Tejasswi all this while. It is rather distressing to see how Karan’s behaviour continues to get worse with Tejasswi with every passing day while the latter ends up forgiving him every single time. He has been constantly snapping at her, is proving to be a terrible listener, and is not even supporting her during the tasks.

Just earlier this week, we saw Karan misbehaving with her. Karan spoke in a disparaging tone that had us thinking that #TejRan has been a bad idea and the actress would be better off without all this toxicity.

Here is a snippet from the fight:

A lot of celebs came into the actress’s support after watching the disturbing episode and noticing how visibly broken she looked post her fight with Karan. Ex Bigg Boss contestant Gauahar Khan also slammed Karan for the way he has been treating his girlfriend and called him out for his derogatory language.

Here’s what she wrote:


This is exactly why Meenu’s tweet has left us dumbfounded. Truth be told, she is sounding exactly like Karan who turns his back to the actual problem and always acts like the victim in the end. Dislike her as much as you please but at least, don’t create this false narrative about Tejasswi hurting Karan and treating him badly. Here’s the truth—Karan is a horrible boyfriend who has been misbehaving with Tejasswi for weeks now. Also, here’s an advice—teach men how not to be toxic instead of expecting women to react gracefully to their toxicity. Now that doesn’t sound like rocket science, right?

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07 Jan 2022

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