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Makeup Is For Your Face, Not Your Mask & These Tips Will Help It Stay That Way

Makeup Is For Your Face, Not Your Mask & These Tips Will Help It Stay That Way

 Our lives have become entangled with face masks (not the skincare kind), leaving us with no option but to evolve beauty choices. Now that we are past the chaotic maskne phase, let’s move on to mask-friendly makeup practices that can make our lives easier, and our selfies dreamier. 

Mask-Friendly Makeup Tips That Are The Need Of The Hour RN

 We took bonuses like transfer-proof, smudge-proof, long-wear lightly before the commencement of the mask era, and now look at us- googling mask-friendly makeup. I can’t be the only one who hates to take their mask off just to see foundation and lipstick stains on its inside. Here are some makeup practices that will ease down the pain of ruined makeup and stained masks. 


Cheek Tints In Place of Powder Blush 

With blush as one of the most trending makeup products of late, we cannot let it be compromised! A tint has long wearability has does not smudge as fast as a powder blush does. Start using a cheek tint to save your makeup (and your mask). Brownie points for you, if you can double it as a lip tint too.

Tinted Moisturizer/SPF In Place of Foundation 

This is a hard one. While some of us can’t complete makeup look without a freshly baked foundation base, tinted moisturizers, primers and SPFs are our safest bet for an evenly toned base. Foundation not only tends to come off easier while wearing a mask but can also reduce your skin’s breathability under it. For those of you who still won’t make this switch (yes, I see you), do not skip primer and setting spray. You need all the help you can get!

Transfer Proof Lipsticks In Place Of Gloss 

It breaks my heart to switch my favourite gloss for a matte lipstick but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you can’t bother to keep re-applying your gloss every time you take your mask off, transfer-proof lipsticks are your best friend. 

Don’t Forget To Set It!

 Don’t get overconfident with these little tricks, you still have to set your makeup. Go with a setting spray of your choice to finish your look. You can also use a setting powder with a light hand for a long lasting makeup base.

Include these tips and tricks in your daily makeup routine to save time and effort of retouching your makeup every now and then. This will not only save your makeup products but also your masks. We encourage you to use reusable cloth masks that are environmentally friendly. Stay safe, and mask up!

Features Images: Pexels, Unsplash

10 Jul 2021

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