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Masaba Gupta Recalls Her Worst Date Ever & TBH, All Single Folks Will Relate

Masaba Gupta Recalls Her Worst Date Ever & TBH, All Single Folks Will Relate

Do you roll your eyes every time your mom tells you to ‘find a nice guy and settle down’? You’re probably not the only one! While our parents have sweet stories of being introduced by family or friends, little do they know that things are waaaay more complicated now. In 2022, dating is like an extreme sport. You need to have a lot of stamina, willpower and the desire to keep going even after being knocked down over and over again. And it turns out, our fave celebrities don’t have it any easier!

Recently, designer and actress Masaba Gupta opened up about her love life and the ups and downs of dating. In conversation with a leading daily, she recalled her worst date experience. She explained that she’s someone who loves to eat food ‘muh kholke’, and gets very irritated when she can’t eat properly. She said, “I was on one date, where I felt like I was being judged by the way I was eating a sizzler. There is no elegant way of eating a sizzler, because each time you cut something, something is flying, something is happening. So yeah that was a bad one, where I was just being judged for eating my aloo (potato) and my rice.”

Isn’t Masaba’s experience relatable AF? We’ve definitely felt judged for similar experiences during a date. Eating can be a messy affair, and if someone can’t handle you being your authentic self, they definitely don’t deserve a second date! Thankfully, Masaba didn’t give that guy another chance either. Presently, she is happily in a relationship with actor Satyadeep Mishra. Ironically, he played Masaba’s ex-husband on the show Masaba Masaba in the first season!

When it comes to her professional life, Masaba has been killing it lately—both as an actor and a designer. She launched her new collection for her label House of Masaba last month. Besides that, she also appeared in an episode of Amazon Prime’s Modern Love. The most exciting part? Season 2 of her Netflix show Masaba Masaba is currently in production and will be available to stream soon! All we’re waiting for now is an official release date so that we can mark our calendars. Netflix, are you listening?

03 Jun 2022

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