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Marilyn Monroe’s BTS Beauty Routine Will Make You Fall In Love With Her Genius

Marilyn Monroe’s BTS Beauty Routine Will Make You Fall In Love With Her Genius

This icon needs no introduction. Marilyn Monroe will forever be an inspiration and a popular figure that the world will never forget. On her 96th birth anniversary month, we stop to admire her genius and really get into the way she paved the way for modern day beauty trends as she was way ahead of her times during her career.

The actress really knew her stuff and had some serious beauty rituals that made her look the way she did on screen. From mixing shades of lipsticks to shaving her face, here are all the behind the scenes beauty tricks that this starlet would rely on to get camera-ready and make history with her iconic glam looks.

BTS Beauty Secrets Of Iconic Movie Star Marilyn Monroe

Paint The Town Red

We all owe it to Monroe for making red lipstick globally popular. And even back in the day, the star not only made red lipstick a beauty standard, she also had her very own technique to make the colour and her lips pop. The star would use 5 different shades of red to define her lips. She would apply the darker reds on her lip lines and the brighter reds in the centre. Then the pigments were blended for a gradient effect and gloss was dabbed to make it look even more luxe.

Slugging Before It Was Trending

Yes, that’s right! Marilyn would perform skincare slugging before it was cool. She would slather on petroleum jelly before applying makeup as that would work like a primer to keep her skin protected and base smooth. She would also dab the jelly on her cheekbones and eyelids after her makeup was done as she loved the way it made her shine on screen.

Shave Face With Grace

One of the most beautiful women the world has ever known, shaved her face! And this news made headlines even during her prime years. Marilyn would lather up and shave her face with a men’s razor once every week as it allowed her skin to breathe and made her makeup application much more smoother. She had peach fuzz which she didn’t mind and often flaunted it too, but she also began this practice and loved the results.

It is today a well-known fact that shaving your face can help prevent acne from forming and it exfoliates dead skin cells as well.

Eye See What You Did There

Just like her lipstick, Marilyn had a secret to her doe eyes as well. The celeb would use black eyeliner on her upper lash lines to create the top wing. Then she would use a brown eyeliner on her lower lash lines and extend it out into a wing as well. This means she had two winged lines, one extending from the top lash line and one from the bottom lash line. She also used white eyeliner in her water lines and all together it made her iconic eye makeup look. 

Wink Of Time

Another eye makeup hack that Marilyn pioneered was how to wear falsies right! The actress would cut her lashes in half and then stick them on only on the outer corners of her lash lines. This gave her the sexiest cat eye effect. This lash trick is once again trending, but Marilyn was way ahead of us all which only proves that she’s a true beauty guru.

Take cue from Marilyn Monroe’s BTS beauty secrets, because, they are frankly phenomenal. These tips have stood the test of time and are classic hacks that should never be forgotten.

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02 Jun 2022

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