#Horoscope: What Will Be Your Source Of Happiness This Week?

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
#Horoscope: What Will Be Your Source Of Happiness This Week?

The cold days are behind us, and spring is in the air. The stars above us are changing their movement too and shaping the reality of our life. Would you like to know how this week will turn out for you? This is what your horoscope predicts…


This week you need to bring in some necessary changes in your daily routine, Aries – for some major transformations are underway in both your professional and personal life. You have it in you to face challenges, and come out the victor in all situations. So all you need to do this week is sit down, introspect and assess your past actions to plan and prepare ahead for a better future!

march weekly horoscope


This week shall prove most fruitful for you if you focus your energy towards your career, Taurus. It is also the right time to pursue any personal ambitions that you may have been harbouring for long. Have faith in yourself, take risks…and rest assured that you will find the strength in yourself to overcome any obstacles that may be obstructing your path.

march weekly horoscope


March will prove to be your star month this year, Gemini – so we suggest you make the most of this time and start preparing for all the good things that are yet to come in your life! Do whatever your heart desires – be it starting a blog of your own, or maybe even writing a book. Find your calling and then follow it up with hard work – and success will be yours to celebrate!

march weekly horoscope


Your career will dominate your life this week, Cancer. Focus on networking and forging strategic connections, ‘coz you will need the help of your colleagues to attain your goals. Be approachable and flexible and you will find others wishing to connect with you and follow your lead.

march weekly horoscope


You are confident and independent, Leo, and do not shy away from expressing your exact thoughts on a matter – mostly because you believe you are right. But you must try to be diplomatic at work for a while and avoid making any opponents with your blunt and bold attitude.

march weekly horoscope


You have to be at your diligent best this week, Virgo, for you may face some stiff competition in your professional life. Do not rush into decisions, and take only very clearly thought of risks. Also, do not try and fight whatever is happening in your life right now. Go with the current and have faith in the workings of the universe – take it from us, in the end, it won’t fail you.

march weekly horoscope

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This week will bring in a state of contentment for you, Libra – both in terms of budding relationships and satisfaction from the work you do professionally too. However, you should also do your extra bit to get along with and win people over, in order to get more success!

march weekly horoscope


It’s time to remind yourself that to attain your objectives, sometimes, you have to adapt to other people and situations, Scorpio. Some important transformations may take place in your career as well, but you will handle them well. You will also feel the support of your family and friends during these transformations – leading to a near-perfect balance between your career and personal relationships.

march weekly horoscope


You need to figure out how to strike a balance between your personal life and professional commitments this week, Sagittarius. Your family and friends may feel slightly ignored, and it’s time for you to work your charm on them and make them feel special, all over again. Only a fine balance between your two lives can help you attain your goals.

march weekly horoscope


You need to be confident and believe in your powers this week, Capricorn. If you feel strongly about a task at hand, go ahead and do it, even if others have trouble agreeing with you on it. You can and will have things the way you want, and your instincts will prove to be right!

march weekly horoscope


It’s a great time for new ventures, Aquarius, and maybe it’s time for you to get adventurous in life. Try new things out and you will have rapid progress in all your endeavours. But do not forget that harmony is the key to success – and you can’t put personal relationships in life on hold for material success.

march weekly horoscope


You might be confused about what to do with your life, but it’s time you decide where your heart lies and start putting your energy into achieving your goals. Otherwise you may find yourself getting easily influenced by others. It’s okay to take risks and listen to your heart, and do whatever feels right to you.

march weekly horoscope

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