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Mango Butter For Hair: Why It Gives You The Lustrous Mane Of Your Dreams & How To Use It

Mango Butter For Hair: Why It Gives You The Lustrous Mane Of Your Dreams & How To Use It

When you think of mango, your brain immediately recalls how delicious it is to eat. But did you know that this fruit is a star ingredient in the haircare game as well? Mango butter is a natural ingredient that is trending this season and after you try it out, you will have a whole new set of associations related to your beauty routine with this seasonal fruit. It’s really something to rave about because when this buttery element is used to treat your locks, it elevates your hair game to a whole new level. From adding a shine to bansihing bacteria, here’s everything you need to know about mango butter in haircare and how to reap all its benefits.

What Is Mango Butter?

Mango butter is derived from the seed of the mango fruit. It has a thick and rich texture that is similar to that of regular butter and it is loaded with nutrients. Mango butter is rich in Vitamin C and therefore it has a myriad of benefits for both skin and hair. It is also is a rich source of Vitamins E and A and features antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Benefits Of Mango Butter For Hair


There are tons of benefits for your mane if you choose to add mango butter to your haircare routine. 

No Breaks

Mango butter is immensely moisturising and that very moisture helps strengthen strands and follicles so that there is little to no hair breakage. It also helps prevent hair fall by strengthening the roots and nourishing the scalp with its vitamin content. This ingredient aids collagen production in the scalp which helps your hair appear thicker and fuller as well.

Drink Up

If your hair is dry and dehydrated choose mango butter to hydrate it correctly. It deeply moisturises the hair and scalp and delivers essential nutrients so that your mane is nourished. It works like a deep conditioning treatment that makes your mane soft and shiny. The Vitamin E content in this ingredient is largely responsible for moisturising and adding shine to the locks.

Bye, Bye Bacteria 

Boasting of antibacterial properties, mango butter is a boon for scalp health. It helps get rid of impurities and product buildup in your hair without stripping your mane of its natural moisture. Dandruff causing bacteria is also effectively washed out and the scalp is left hydrated so that no flakiness occurs. Mango butter also has antiinflammatory properties that helps soothe scalp and prevent irritation.

Skip The Split

If splitends are bothering you, here’s a fix. Unlike hair oils that only coat your strands, mango butter has the ability to penetrate the hair cuticles and strengthen the strands so that splitends are prevented and smoothened. This ingredient is a good emollient and consists of monounsaturated and saturated fats that help make hair smooth and moisturised with added strength and improved elasticity.

How To Use Mango Butter In Your Haircare Routine


Wish Wash

Switch to a shampoo infused with mango butter to care for your locks. It will gently cleanse the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth while preventing hair fall. Even dandruff and an itchy scalp will be prevented by using mango butter enriched shampoos.

On One Condition

Capitalise on the deep conditioning properties of mango butter by using it post-shampoo as a hair conditioner. You can also find conditioners and hair masks infused with mango butter to moisturise your locks in the shower. This step will keep your mane tangle-free and super soft and shiny.

What are you waiting for? Invest in a mango butter enriched haircare regimen today so that you can experience only good hair days no matter which season it is!

Featured Images: Pexels

31 May 2022

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