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Twitter Has An Apt Answer To Man’s Regressive Tweet About Wives Touching Husbands’ Feet

Twitter Has An Apt Answer To Man’s Regressive Tweet About Wives Touching Husbands’ Feet

Recently after Amitabh Bachchan tested positive for COVID-19, one of my aunts had a rather ludicrous observation to make on our family Whatsapp group: Are in log ke cook-wook aate hein na bahar se, yeh sab hota hi nahi agar Jaya (Bachchan) khana bana leti toh! The sweeping assumptions layered one over the other and the blatant patriarchy reeking out of that statement had me absolutely flabbergasted. And while I really wanted to give her a piece of my mind, I refrained from it for my mom would have to deal with the crap that would have unloaded after that for raising me “like that.”

Well, it is 2020 and no matter how desperately we’d like to say, believe, or project otherwise, patriarchy still manifests itself in various ways in our country. From making snide remarks on celeb wives to expecting our daughters-in-law to make ghar ka khana along with a demanding job while her husband doesn’t even bat an eyelid when at home is still basic AF in India. And here’s something that you need to see before you consider contesting this claim: 

This highly regressive and problematic tweet recently caught the attention of Indian Twitterati and the thread has been on fire since then. Equally disturbing as this tweet is the fact that while there have been those who have called out the patriarchal ideologies as expressed in it, there also has been a faction defending the idea of women touching their husband’s feet. *facepalm* 


All of it is being done in the name of ‘culture’ of course with a dedicated hashtag urging us to ‘#bringbackindiantradition.’ Clearly we are still fixated to the idea of male superiority and women’s subjugation as per our understanding of the “real” Indian culture and tradition. 

Thankfully for us, there exist people who can see and reason beyond these patriarchal constructions and call them out when they are put on a casual display like in this case. Here’s how they responded to this abomination of a tweet:

Basics First!


Ka Boom!


Since We Are Asking Random Questions


Dayum Girl!!!


Calling Out The Hypocrisy In 3..2…1…


To Quote Sylvia Plath “And I Eat Men Like Air”


Case Rested, Boy Bye!


The tweet was posted on July 10 and it was only after receiving some serious flak in the past couple of days that the same man decided to post another tweet in the thread asking what’s stopping women from doing all the dishes at home. And while he might be trying to project that the initial tweet was only a joke, we are honestly done with casual sexism and patriarchal nonsense being peddled to us in the guise of jokes. Also, sorry but we refuse to give him any benefit of the doubt for following up with yet another, equally problematic tweet. Your patriarchal mindset, your problem! And no you didn’t “trigger” us, you asked for it!

We have anyway had enough of these problematic ideas being propagated through TV shows and Karwachauth sequences. The last thing we want is to scroll through Twitter and come across this nonsense. Can we please cut this crap already?

Featured Image: Twitter

19 Jul 2020

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