Coming In Hot: We’re Totally Swooning Over Malaika Arora’s Retro Glamm Hair & Makeup Look

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 8, 2021
Coming In Hot: We’re Totally Swooning Over Malaika Arora’s Retro Glamm Hair & Makeup Look


Malaika Arora: how much do we love thee?

Whether it’s her impeccable makeup or plethora of on-trend hairstyles, the 47-year-old is and always has been- beauty goals. The fitness mogul continues to churn out one bomb look after another, cementing her status as the ultimate muse of B-town. From easy-breezy off-duty looks to sophisticated hair and makeup showcases her Instagram feed can serve as a major inspiration across the board.

Malaika is unafraid to make a statement whenever the event calls for it. Right now, she is embracing the ’90s by experimenting with some uber-cool makeup, and hair looks. The star recently took to the ‘Gram to make a strong case for a vintage beauty look, and her glamorous old Hollywood waves are just classic – full stop. So if you have an event on your calendar that requires a more-is-more makeup look? Get practicing now.

Hair, Makeup, Action: Here’s How To Pull Off This Old-School Glamm Look

Step 1: Glowy Skin, We’re Coming For Ya

After moisturising and priming, buff a little layer of an illuminating serum-infused foundation all over your face. Make sure you don’t forget the neck area. Use a damp sponge to get a flawless finish. Dot and blend concealer under the eyes and on any scars or blemishes you wish to cover. Dip a fluffy brush into a setting powder, and then sweep across the face on areas that tend to get more oily. We recommend using an illuminating serum, cream concealer, liquid foundation and a loose powder to retain max glow. 

Step 2: Boost Your Brow Game

Use a brow pencil to fill in gaps in your brows using feather-light strokes. Next, use a gel in dark brown through the brows to set them in place. 

Step 3: When In Doubt, Wing It Out!

For the eyes, first apply an eyeshadow primer and dab a hint of warm nude brown eyeshadow to define the crease area. Apply sparingly – a light wash is all you need. Load some brown eyeshadow on a pencil brush and apply it along the lower lash line.Then, take a silver sparkly eyeshadow and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes and all over your lids. Grab your black kohl liner and complete the look by applying a  winged eyeliner.

Step 4: It’s Lash O’Clock

Curl your lashes and coat them with a volumizing mascara. To make them look extra fluttery, you could also stick on a pair of falsies.

Step 5: For The Lifted Cheekbone You See On IG

Pick up a matte bronzing powder with a wide, soft brush, and swipe it across your cheeks. Lighten up your touch as you move across the hairline and jaw. 

Step 6: We See You Shining!

To mimic Malaika’s unreal glow, apply a cream highlighter on cheeks and high points of the face, using your fingers to pat and press the product. Then, apply a rosy cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, blend it upwards towards the temple. 

Step 7: The Bolder, The Better

Just prep your lips, grab a matte burgundy lipstick like the MyGlamm LIT Satin Matte Lipstick in the shade lust stories and apply it all over your lips to make a lip-centric statement.

Step 8: A Nod To Old Hollywood Glamour

Malaika loves nothing more than old-school Hollywood hair. To get the look, style your hair into tight curls and secure with hairspray before lightly brushing the hair to loosen them slightly. 

Try this beauty look and trust us, all eyes will be on YOU!

Featured Image: Instagram