Malaika’s Makeup Look Is High On Glamour & We’re Giving You A Lowdown On How To Recreate It

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Nov 12, 2021
Malaika’s Makeup Look Is High On Glamour & We’re Giving You A Lowdown On How To Recreate It


If there’s one Bollywood celebrity you should keep on your inspiration board for experimental makeup, it’s Malaika Arora. In a beauty world where the no-makeup makeup trend continues to dominate, Malaika’s aesthetic stands out. Her approach is high-energy, bold, and playful, especially when it comes to eye makeup. The looks are more is more. Think sultry smoky eyes, explosions of glitters, and dazzling pinks. Her vibrant, head-turning makeup looks offer an escape to an indulgent, over-the-top fantasy world. 

The point was proven yesterday when we witnessed Malaika isn’t just bringing her lively personality to the 2nd season of India’s Best Dancing Star – her trendsetting beauty looks are coming along for the ride. The masterfully executed look – theatrical smoky eyes paired with skin-but-better glow was all the talk. Most beauty fanatics would have zoomed in a little closer to appreciate her makeup. With the power to instantly elevate any look from the boardroom to the bar, Malaika’s pink smoky eyes with a dash of glitter serve as a crucial cornerstone in the party girl’s arsenal. The best bits? It’s surprisingly easy to execute and won’t take you longer than 10 minutes. So if you want to turn up the heat by giving it a go, follow these six simple steps.

P.S.: Screenshot this because you’ll be calling upon it throughout the year-end celebrations.

Malaika’s Pink Smoky Eye Makeup Is Worth Zooming In On From Every Angle

Step 1: To Up Your Beauty Beat

After cleansing, massage a moisturiser and a primer all over your face to create a smooth, hydrated canvas. Then, buff a little layer of an illuminating serum-infused foundation to retain max glow. Make sure you don’t forget the neck area. Use a damp sponge to get a flawless finish. Dot and blend concealer under the eyes and on any scars or blemishes you wish to cover.

Step 2: Your Brows But Better

Use a brow pencil to fill in gaps in your brows using feather-light strokes. Next, use a gel in dark brown through the brows to set them in place. 

Step 3: For A Show-Stopping Eye Makeup 

Malaika is known for her noteworthy eye makeup looks and this one is no exception. It looks tricky but is actually very easy to emulate this eye makeup. All you have to do is apply an eye primer to prep the lids. Then, top it off with a cream concealer and blend. In contrast to the regular smoky eye, this eye makeup look involves smudging it out to form a cat-eye. So grab a light pink eyeshadow and use a precise brush to trace it as cat eyeliner. Don’t forget to apply it onto the lower lash line as well. Then, use a fluffy brush to smoke it out. Then, take a glittery pink eyeshadow and dap it all over your lids. Complete the look by lining your upper lash line using a kohl eyeliner. If you’re exacting, put on a brown contact lens to make your eyes the focal point. 

Step 4: Slaying Lashes All Day

Curl your lashes and coat them with a volumizing mascara. To make them look extra fluttery like Malaika’s, you could also stick on a pair of falsies.

Step 5: To Flaunt That Model-Perfect Bone Structure!

Set the makeup on your forehead, around the chin and nose using a translucent powder to keep it from creasing. With a powder bronzer, warm up your complexion, focusing on the areas where the sun would naturally hit. 

Step 6: For A Glow Everyone Will Spot From A Mile Away

To mimic Malaika’s unreal glow, apply a cream highlighter on cheeks and high points of the face, using your fingers to pat and press the product. Then, apply a rosy cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, blend it upwards towards the temple. 

Step 7: Always Look On The Pink Side Of Life

Just prep your lips, grab a matte pink liner and lipstick duo. Focus the liner on the outer corner of your lips and fill it in with a nude pink lipstick.

Try this look to steal the damn show!

Featured Image: Instagram