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The 2016 Vs 2021 Makeup Trend Is Going Viral On Social Media And We Can See Why!

How often do you look back on your pictures from the past and realise you look like a completely different person? A beauty challenge that brings back the past BIG time is the 2016 vs 2021 makeup trend and to be honest, it is kind of cool. In 2016, most of us discovered the power of contouring, thanks to reality TV stars, Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner but in 2021, makeup has taken a backseat. 

As our approach to beauty changes, ‘skinminimalism‘ or opting for pared-back makeup and dewy, healthy skin has become our primary goal. Gone are the days of Instagram brows, eyebrows now, are fluffy and natural-looking. Lashes are non-clumpy and long and cream blush is our new beauty BFF.  

This 2016 vs 2021 challenge has beauty buffs dividing their faces in half and doing their makeup 2016 style on one half of their face and the 2021 way on the other. Even Bollywood actor, Alaya F has jumped on this beauty bandwagon and we’re shook at the way her makeup game has leveled up!

Here Are Some Interesting Takes On The 2016 Vs 2021 Makeup Challenge

Some People Are Going Back As Far As 2015…

Actor Alaya F shows us how her makeup game has changed over the years. Way in back in 2015, Alaya used to for bold eyes, a heavily contoured face, and lots of powder. She would pair it with bright red lipstick and dramatic eyeliner, both! But in 2021, she’s taking it easy with her base and just going for a touch of concealer and contour and the slightest bit of blush. Finishing off her look with some pink lipstick and a few swipes of mascara. We love! 

…And Others Are Sticking To The 2016 Rule

UK-based influencer, Amy Katrianne gave her followers on Instagram a detailed description of how her makeup routine has changed over the years. From opting for Insta-brows to soap brows and a full cut crease to just using bronzer as eyeshadow, she has pared down her regime and how! Some followers even left comments saying they’d totally wear 2021 makeup look in the day and the amped-up 2016 version when they head out for a party at night! 

Maybe we’re seeing a return to a more natural makeup look because most of us have spent the last year indoors, on Zoom calls compared to 2016 where going out and meeting people (remember those days?) was the norm. In conclusion, I’d just like to say that I cannot wait to dress up my face the next time I get a chance to go out and see my favourite people! Maybe I will revisit 2016? Who knows!

Do you love this challenge? What are your thoughts? 

Featured image: Instagram

26 Mar 2021

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