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7 “WOW!” Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

7 “WOW!” Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

We Indians are genetically blessed with gorgeous, liquid brown eyes, even if we do say so ourselves! Naturally, we’re always looking for ways to up our beauty game and really make our peepers pop. If you’re clueless about how to flatter your beautiful eyes best, we’re here to help! And so we give you 7 “WOW!” makeup tips for brown eyes. Try these at home, and those big brown stunners of yours will do all the talking for you!

1. Compliment Your Eye Colour

brown eye type - point 1

It’s very important to know your eye colour first before you invest in a product. Brown has many shades. The most common are  deep chocolate brown, honey brown, light brown, hazel brown, dark brown… you get the drift? Based on your eye colour, you can then choose a colour palette that will work for you. If you have dark brown eyes, you should totally try a smoky eye finish. For hazel ones, try purples, browns, blues and greens. For honey brown eyes, you can opt for colours like charcoal, beige, lime-green, cobalt blue.

POPxo Loves: Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow, NYX Ultimate Pearl Eye Shadow, NYX Auto Charcoal Eye Pencil, Faces – Shine Eye Shadow Quartet Green

2. Go Neutral On Them

brown eyes neutral - point 2


For a minimal yet powerful look, you should definitely try playing with neutral colours. The beauty with using neutral shades is that it blends perfectly well with your eye colour. Ivory, beige, taupe, peach and even brown, are good shade choices. If you’re not an eyeshadow person, you can surely opt for eyeliners with these colours. They will do a fab job at highlighting your eyes.

POPxo Loves: Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow, Christian Dior 3 Couleurs Glow Eyeshadow Palette, Lakme Absolute Color Illusion, L’Oreal Infallible Monos Hour Glass Beige.

3. Give White Liner A Shot

brown eyes white - point 3

Many people are sceptical of using a white liner – they’d rather use black instead (it’s the safer option, after all). We, on the other hand, encourage you to do the opposite! If you use white liner as a base on your lower lash line, and team it up with a stronger colour like a metallic or neon tint, you’ll definitely be in for a surprise! They will make your eyes pop, and give you a very confident and bold vibe.


POPxo Loves: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, L.A. Colors Auto Eyeliner PencilEssence Kajal Pencil White.

4. The Shimmery Touch

brown eyes shimmer - point 4

No matter how drab your eye makeup looks, a touch of shimmer can twist the plot. It gives your eyes that extra sparkle and helps you channel some glam. Also try metallic eyeshadow shades like black, gold, silver, brown and grey to give your face a touch of radiance. You can also apply a bit of kajal below your eyes to give them depth.

POPxo Loves: Colorbar Shimmer Bar, Estee Lauder Pure Color 4 EyeShadow Quad Palette, L’Oreal Paris Infallible Monos Eyeshadow, Colorbar Pro Eye Shadow Quad, Chambor Trio Eye Shadow, Coloressence Pearl Effect Antique Gold Eye Shadow Pencil, NYX Single Eye Shadow-Peach Bronze, L’Oreal Paris Infalliblemono Flashback Silver.


5. Purple All The Way

brown eyes plum - point 5

Purple works wonders with brown eyes. Swap your regular black/ brown liner with a plum one. Don’t question, just do! Trust us, this change will make a huge impact on your eyes. It adds depth, creates an impact and gives your eyes an extra shot of drama. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest beauty store and pick one for yourself today!

POPxo Loves: Coloressence Pearl Effect Plum Pink Eye Shadow Pencil, The Supernatural Windows To The Soul Eye Shadow Palette, Giorgio Armani – Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadow, Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Liner By Eyestudio Smooth Violet Pearl

6. Cobalt Blue

brown eyes cobalt blue - point 6

If you want to catch a certain someone’s attention, you must get your hands on cobalt blue. It’s rich, it’s vibrant and, most importantly, it grabs eyeballs. Once you use it, you will notice that it instantly draws attention to your brown eyes. The best part – this shade is not hue specific. It adds that extra dash of magic to both dark and light brown eyes, and everything in between.

POPxo Loves: Faces Eye Pencil, Miyo Poland, Lakme Absolute Blue Duos Eye Shadow


7. Yellow and Orange Eyeshadow

eye shadow orange - point 7For a girl who loves being in the spotlight, these shades can become her best friends. The colours are very vibrant, very young and very fresh. They look fabulous with hazel eyes, and enhance other shades of brown too. If you’re feeling a little more creative, you could club your orange or yellow with navy blue or mauve to make your eyes stand out even more!

POPxo Loves: Cailyn Cosmetics Pressed Mineral EyeshadowKorres Sunflower Shimmering Eye ShadowFaces Sparkle Dust Yellow

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06 May 2016

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