Beauty On A Budget: 10 Best-Selling Makeup Products Just Under Rs 300

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jan 4, 2022
Beauty On A Budget: 10 Best-Selling Makeup Products Just Under Rs 300


While we love our boujie makeup buys, there are unfortunate days when we are bound to budget. And on those days our shopping sprees look less luxe and more drugstore. Over the years of playing polarizing budgeting as an extreme sport, we have realised that there are some hidden drugstore gems (read very very affordable) that can make your makeup look like a million bucks (even though they don’t cost it)! So we assembled our experience with affordable beauty to jot down some of our favourite budget beauty buys that deliver way over their pay grade.

Budget Beauty FTW

So on days when you find yourself hunting for under budget makeup products, or if you’re in the mood for some heavy saving, this is the listicle you need to bookmark. Listed below are 10 makeup products under the very affordable price of just Rs. 300, that will never disappoint you.

Drama On A Budget

This mini eyeshadow palette encases all the makeup drama that you could ever wish for! It includes 4 eyeshadow shades that are intensely pigmented and can create versatile makeup looks.

Brow Game: Strong

Brows are never not trending. Use this brow pencil and brush to keep them aptly groomed and styles at all times!

Blinging Like A Million Buck$

This metallic liquid eyeshadow spells boujie in all ways fabulous! If you’re looking to look like a million bucks on a budget, here is your pick.

Matte Magic In Budgeted Mula

No matter what the budget, a girl needs her mattifying compact powder! And this one does it right without weighing heavy on the pocket.

Just Like Luxe

An eyeliner needs to be really good for us to fall head over heels in love with it, and this Blue heaven Sketch eyeliner is all that!

A Multitasker Maven

Prime, moisturize and protect your skin with this multitasker makeup primer. Getting 3 steps covered in one product? A steal for sure.

Glow On The Go

On days when you feel like going light with your base makeup, CC creams are your best friend. This bestseller does it all while staying under budget! How amazing is that?

Porcelain Poreless

If you tell us that you’ve never used or come across a die-hard fan of this foundation, you’re lying. Lucky for us, Maybelline is selling a mini, under the budget version of this best-seller for just Rs 299!

Blushed Babe

This highlighting blush is exactly what you need for a clean and minimal makeup look. While adding a pop of colour to your cheeks, it highlights them too!

Gloss Boss

A lip gloss is a makeup essential in 2021, and this Miss Claire tube is here to offer you along with a lasting formula for just Rs 125! Add to cart ASAP.

Does your budget makeup shopping list include any of these gems?

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