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Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger With These 6 Bold Makeup Looks

Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger With These 6 Bold Makeup Looks

Welcome to the year of the water tiger! The king of the jungle is reigning supreme in 2022. The year happens to usher in the tiger, an animal embodying confidence, strength, boldness, and courage. Meaning, this year is all about taking risks and stepping out – beauty looks included. ‘Tis the year to leave your comfort zone and play with surprising splashes of colour and have fun. 

So to help you get the balls rolling, we’ve curated a list of eight beauty looks that are nothing short of fierce. From punchy lips to Euphoria-inspired eye makeup- here’s what you can try to celebrate the year of the tiger- go hard, or go home. Or should we say, you Grrr girl!

6 Drool-Worthy Makeup Looks To Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger

Inner Corner Pop To Make Heads Turn

The inner-corner eye pop was blowing up in 2021 and is only getting stronger for 2022, so copy the monochrome trend by patting an opaque layer of holographic eyeshadow over the inner third of your eyelids, keeping the rest of your eyeshadow neutral, or not! It’s the year of the tiger, folks; do whatever TF you want. 

The Only Drama We Enjoy Is In Our Lashes

Long, lush lashes will always be high on the list of beauty things we love. Whether you achieve them with an eyelash curler, volumizing mascara, or falsies, a fluttery set of lashes can take any look from regular to remarkable. And, hey, orange eyeshadow will be the real star of the show, right?

Orange Shadow Has Become An It-Girl Staple

While orange eyeshadow may sound terrifying, this is a look that will make you stand out for all the right reasons and is actually way more flattering than it sounds (trust us). This gorgeous makeup makes orange eyeshadow feel totally wearable while still delivering on the glam factor. 

Tangerine Liner FTW!

There’s a myriad of Amy Song’s makeup that is chef’s kiss. This eye makeup gives off a bold “eye of the tiger” vibe that got our hearts racing. You can use this eyeliner to draw on simple tangerine eye accents and wait for all the compliments to roll in. 

Orange Lips, Wine Sips!

Contrary to popular belief, orange is a versatile and wearable lip colour. The key here is to find the right colour based on your skin tone. An orange lip like this makes a statement without saying a word!

Aqua Liner To Make Your Eyes Pop

Twenty twenty-two is especially the year of the water tiger. Consider paying tribute with something blue and orange, like this swipe of neon orange teamed up with a light blue liner. The eye makeup will make heads turn wherever you go!

Prepare for a whole lot of compliments!

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Apr 2022

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