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10 Makeup Looks Guys *Adore* On Women! (Not Just Red Lips!)

10 Makeup Looks Guys *Adore* On Women! (Not Just Red Lips!)

Most of us girls love looking at different and new kinds of makeup tutorials to keep up with the latest trends, don’t we? Be it matte lips, winged eyeliner, contouring or strobing – we want to know and master it all. Well ladies, if you want to impress your man with your makeup, here’s an important piece of information – there are certain types of makeup looks guys love on a woman. Go with any of these 10 looks, and he’ll be in awe of your beauty, we promise.

1. Sexy smokey eyes

1 makeup looks guys love

Blend on some matte black and grey eyeshadow on your eyelids, apply a thick line of kajal on your waterline and finish up with liner and generously applied mascara – that’s what we call a smokey eyes look, ladies. And it looks fabulous – he thinks so too. *Wink*

2. Blush beautiful

2 makeup looks guys love

Nothing matches up to a fresh face with a hint of blush. Whether or not you want to apply foundation, is upto you. Men love the look of tinted cheekbones because it looks natural and adds just the right amount of rosy colour to your pretty face. Go for it, we say.

3. Mascara magic

3 makeup looks guys love

Most men are all for dramatic eyes, we promise you that, ladies. And what best way to add drama to your eyes than a lovely coat of mascara? If you don’t want to go for a typical black mascara, apply it in royal blue or a deep green and he’s bound to be mesmerized by your look. Go on and flutter those lashes!

4. All about bold lips

4 makeup looks guys love

Pinks, oranges, red and deep plums – the range of bold lip colours is huge and gorgeous! Pick your fave and apply it for a night out with your man. Go easy on the eyes since it’s your lips that have to be the focus. He will lean in for a kiss every now and then, you wait and watch. Just remember to invest in smudge-proof formulas to help your colour survive a makeout sesh!

5. In awe of au naturale

5 makeup looks guys love

As you watch tutorial after tutorial to ace various makeup looks, you should know that you look absolutely stunning without any makeup too. Ladies, believe it when we say that men are strong contenders for the less is more mantra and aren’t big fans of heavy makeup at all. Skip that makeup for a fun day out with him, we say. Or fake the ‘natural’ look with a hint of BB cream and a touch of blush.

6. Coloured shadow funk

6 makeup looks guys love

With umpteen eyeshadow palettes in stores today, this should be an easy look to attain. Bold green or even royal blue eyeshadows look lovely and he won’t stop looking into your eyes when they’re done up so beautifully. Go for nude lips and a hint of blush with gorgeously coloured eyelids to make this a winning look.

7. Bold brows

7 makeup looks guys love

Ladies, no makeup look is complete without well-defined eyebrows. Thicker, natural-looking brows help give you a more youthful appearance. Use an eyebrow pencil, or just a dark brown shadow that goes with the colour of your brows to fill them in. This way, you can give them whatever shape you like and complete your look. This is one he’s surely going to love!

8. Light eyes, light lips

8 makeup looks guys love

Subtly done up eyes and lips look so delicate and feminine, don’t they? Go for pale pink or peach glossy lips and an eyeshadow from the same family of colours. Complete your look with some mascara and you’re good to go. Men dig this girl-next-door kinda look, ladies.

9. Classy cat eyes

9 makeup looks guys love

Now who doesn’t love the classic cat-eye? Men and women both do! Put on a light eyeshadow on your entire eyelid and complete this with bold, winged liner. This cat-eye look is something he’s going to remember, we promise.  

10. Subtle glow

10 makeup looks guys love

This is a simple and stunning look that can be pulled off both, in the day and at night too. All you need is a good highlighter – put some of it on a brush and gently stroke it along your brow bone, just above your cheekbones, some on your chin and lastly, on your cupid’s bow. This will give you a fresh and dewy look, something the guys tend to like, ladies.

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30 Jan 2017

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