Birthday Girl Special: 5 Makeup Lessons We Learnt From Jacqueline Fernandez

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Aug 11, 2020
Birthday Girl Special: 5 Makeup Lessons We Learnt From Jacqueline Fernandez

Ain’t nobody as beautiful as our birthday girl, Jacqueline Fernandez. Always smiling, always chirpy and full of good energy–Jacqueline never fails to charm the world with her charisma. It’s not just her jovial nature that we’re in love with, we also think she has great style and aesthetics. In fact, her Instagram feed is a virtual treat to anyone who loves fitness, cats, fashion and beauty. Speaking of beauty, Jacqueline’s makeup looks are inspirational and so easy to recreate! 

5 Makeup Lessons Jacqueline Fernandez Taught Us

These makeup lessons will stay with you for life!

Lesson 1: Bold & Shimmer Go Together

Usually, when one wears dark bold lipstick, they keep the rest of the makeup look subtle and soft to balance the look out. Not Jacqueline Fernandez. This diva just proved that if you have the confidence, you can pull off a metallic eye makeup look with a dark bold pout. Berry lips, shimmery golden lids, chiselled jawline and defined brows. She’s on fire, isn’t she?

Lesson 2: A Little Mascara Can Make You Look Awake

Just like Jacqueline, you don’t always need to apply too much of eye makeup. Just stick to the basics–mascara coated lashes and a thin black eyeliner. A combination of these two will help give the illusion of eight hours of beauty sleep. 

Lesson 3: When In Doubt Do A Double-Winged Eyeliner

Yes, the classic winged-liner is great, but have you checked out the double-winged eyeliner? This look is stunning, and Jacqueline’s eye makeup is proof!

Lesson 4: Add A Pop of Colour To The Lids

Rather than the opting for the regular brown and black smokey eye, Jacqueline over here is embracing colour. With so many wonderful eyeshadow colour palettes available in the market, we should come out from our comfort zone and give this eye makeup look a shot!

Lesson 5: Use Makeup To Express Yourself

Jacqueline will agree with us too that makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Whether it’s decorating your face with stickies or swiping on lots of highlighter on your cheekbones–at the end of the day, as long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters. 


Finally, Thank you, Jacqueline, for being such a star and giving us some serious makeup goals!

Featured Image: Instagram