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Beauty Hacks To Look Glam In Under 5 Mins

5 Makeup Hacks That Will Make You Look Fabulous Even On A Time Crunch


Whether you’re a legit beauty pro, a makeup hoarder, or a total newb, you can always benefit from a few makeup hacks. Especially after the year we’ve had, even putting together an easy makeup look seems like a lot of effort. So, if you’re on the lookout for some beauty hacks that’ll save time but still look fab then you’re in the right place.

6 Hacks Will Help Your Take Your Makeup Game To The Next Level In A Jiffy

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Add A Little Oil To Your Foundation


If you wish to take your makeup game up a notch without any effort, then consider swapping your glow-inducing primer with a facial oil. All you have to do is mix a few drops of camellia oil to your foundation, and apply it as your base. This will give you a luminous, lit-from-within finish that rivals even the best of the primers.

Highlighter To Brighten Up Your Eyes

If you’re pressed on time and only have a few seconds to look polished, sweeping on some highlighter can really serve you well. We recommend investing in a creamy highlighter and using it around the eye contour, before you go ahead with the concealer, as it will give the eye area a major lift and a luminous finish.

Soap To Get The Model-Esque Brows


We are wondering if our obsession with eyebrows will ever go away. Especially now that we have even more ways to finesse them in celeb-approved ways. As our IG is flooded with feathery, fluffy brows – the trend is going to bubble up in the coming months.  So, if you wish to stay ahead of the curve, try this 1-minute hack: Just take a spoolie brush and rub it against a bar of glycerine soap to create a soft, feathery feel. Then, brush it up and set your brows.

Curl Those Lashes

This is a mere 10-second step but it’s skipped by the best of us. When done correctly, it can really make the eyes look 100 times prettier. All you need to do is: clamp down and pump your lash curler 4 to 6 times at the root, and then pump along the lashes near the tips to give it a celeb-like curl. If you’re looking for more natural-looking lashes, using less mascara will do the trick when the lashes are curled.


Eyebrow Pencil For Fuller Lips


If you’re looking to get fuller lips that look natural, we recommend using an eyebrow pencil that has a grey or ash colour instead of a lip pencil. An eye-brow pencil will help you create major depth. All you need to do is: line the contour of your lips and then bend it inwards to get plumped-up lips.


Don’t forget to set in place with a make-up spray and get ready to turn heads.

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13 Jul 2021

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