These Makeup-Free Celeb Selfies Are Just What We Need To Promote Skin Positivity On Insta

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 8, 2021
These Makeup-Free Celeb Selfies Are Just What We Need To Promote Skin Positivity On Insta


You would usually find your favourite celebs all glammed up from head to toe; their hair and makeup are always on point. But haven’t you wondered what they’d look like on a day off, doing regular people things like lazing around on a chilled out afternoon? We know for a fact that these beauties value this time off and give their skin a break from makeup too. I mean, why not? Not only are celebs going makeup-free off the big screen, but they are also sharing their bare-skin selfies online and we love this skin positive attitude. Here are some of the most stunning makeup-free celebrity selfies.

Celebs Going Makeup-Free On Instagram

Check out your favourite Bollywood celebs ditch makeup on social media.

Sunny Corners

Anushka Sharma has her favourite spots in her lavish Mumbai apartment that catch the sunlight just right so that her makeup-free selfies look as glorious as this one right here. 

Happy High

Alia Bhatt looks so joyous and beautiful in this bare-skin selfie; she even has the clouds framing her silhouette for the perfect portrait shot.

Beach Babe

Skin looks best when by the beach bathing in the sunlight. Take a cue from Ananya Panday on how to slay a makeup-free beach selfie and look so angelic.

Glow Girl

Disha Patani makes moisturised skin look so hot, we just want to follow suit. She pairs her dewy skin with hydrated lips for an all-over glow.

Scenic Sunlight 

Golden hour is the best time to get the prettiest selfies ever. Sara Ali Khan makes the most of the sunset to capture a makeup-free selfie that couldn’t be more beautiful.

Wild Card

When your hair is messy yet uniquely you, click a selfie like Priyanka Chopra Jonas to celebrate all your little quirks. The star looks stunning with bare skin and textured locks.

If you want to go makeup-free for your next selfie post, we recommend adding these potent products to your skincare regimen:

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and be skin positive on social media.

Featured Images: Instagram