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5 Makeup Artists Spill The Beans On What They Apply First – Foundation Or Concealer

5 Makeup Artists Spill The Beans On What They Apply First – Foundation Or Concealer

Everything about the world of makeup is so interesting! It’s anything but base-ic. From the entire process of applying the makeup products to the actual products; I just can’t get enough!

As someone who loves to play with makeup on a daily basis, I still cannot figure out what to apply first. Foundation, followed by the concealer or the other way around. It’s the who came first, the egg or the chicken of the beauty world. But I bet I ain’t the only one.

It’s been long debated as to which product to apply first but sometimes you just have to go with what works for you, right? It doesn’t matter what you use as long as your dark circles are hidden by a veil of products that are doing a fantastic job. In an effort to solve this paradox once in for all, we got in touch with some makeup artists who share their thought on the same:

Makeup Artists Spill What They Prefer!

So, what should you be applying first- your foundation or concealer? Let’s hear what the experts have to say!

Makeup By Robin | Foundation


“The first most important step while applying makeup is to know what should be applied first between foundation or concealer. Well, the answer is that the foundation should go first. The reason is that it is supposed to even out your skin tone and hide the blemishes and discolouration of the skin. And until and unless you apply your foundation, you cannot know how much concealer is needed to lighten or brighten areas on your face.”

Makeup By Robin

Clint Fernandes | Foundation


“I believe that the foundation should always be applied first. The reason being foundation is light and gives coverage.. if the skin looks flawless with just foundation one does not need to use a concealer which would become heavy on the skin.”

Clint Fernandes

Kean Alvares | Concealer


“I always like to start with using a good corrector and then following up with concealer. One of the main reasons for this is because concealers are more pigmented, saturated, and also have more coverage than a foundation. I use the concealer to put any skin discoloration / uneven skin tone or challenges, in doing so I am making my job much easier with tacking the necessary areas that need help and thus minimizing the amount of foundation I would have to use. When following this step I end up using little to no foundation most of the time however if someone needs that extra coverage I will go over with a sheer coat of foundation.

Kean Alvares

Ayesha Seth | Concealer


“I believe that a concealer should be applied first, followed by your perfect foundation match. The reason is that you are supposed to even out the skin tone first before you apply your foundation base. Unless you haven’t applied a concealer before your foundation, your dark circles may come and to play and will look really grey underneath your foundation. First corrector, then concealer (one share lighter than your skin tone) followed by your foundation.”

Ayesha Seth

Nidhi Behl | Both


“I always prefer to use a foundation first as foundation takes care of 60% of the coverage and then I would use a concealer over it. If if there are problems areas that need to be corrected, then it’s important to correct, conceal, and then use a foundation. It all depends on face to face …Handle it one at a time, targeting the smaller areas.”

Nidhi Behl

Base-ically, it all depends on your technique, right?

Images: Shutterstock

29 Jun 2020

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