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Make The Most Of Playtime With Your Toddler. Try These 6 Fun Playing Tips 

Make The Most Of Playtime With Your Toddler. Try These 6 Fun Playing Tips 

Playtime is crucial for your toddler. It is fun and also critical for their development. In fact, you can consider playtime as their “work” and their way of exploring and learning about the world around them. During playtime, toddlers learn new skills, learn about relationships, and also explore their imagination and creativity.

The best part about playtime is that any activity can be playful for your tot, whether it’s passing the ball or rolling a car on the ground. It keeps them engaged and offers multiple opportunities to learn and practice new skills. All types of play can, therefore, promote your munchkin’s brain development and learning process.

Why Is Playtime Important For A Toddler’s Development

Playtime has a key role in your child’s physical, social, and mental development

Toddlers usually learn new things and forge social relationships by engaging in different types of play. It could exercise their problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, creativity, and teach them cooperation and effective communication. Since play affects multiple attributes, a child could experience social, physical, and intellectual development through playtime. It also affects various academic skills related to reading, language, science, and maths. Apart from this, playtime can help your child develop:

  • Fine motor skills: Playing certain games like beading, sorting can help in tuning the child’s fine finger movements. 
  • Gross motor skills: Toddlers learn motor skills including movement, balance, and lifting objects through play. Moreover, physical play can help them stay active and healthy and strengthen their muscles and bones as they grow older. 
  • Social skills: Toddlers become independent and develop their personalities while playing. It can positively affect their social relations and they can learn to care and become friendly. 

6 Tips To Make Playtime Fun For Your Toddler 

As a parent, you are your child’s first and best playmate. From the beginning of their life, your toddler has been playing with you; whether it was through watching your face as you fed them, or reading a storybook to them. Here, we have listed some tips that will help you make playtime even more rewarding for your little one.

Ease Them Into Playtime

There are a lot of fun games, toys, and activities that are suitable for your toddler. However, do not introduce every game to them together. Start with one activity and see how your munchkin reacts and how they start playing with them. Also, it is important to give your child freedom while playing. For instance, if you are playing the Stack the Blocks game, where you stack one block after the other, try to demonstrate the game by stacking the first few pieces and then allowing your little one to take over. Encourage them to play independently and just give enough guidance to motivate them to learn new things and avoid any frustration.

Follow Your Toddler’s Lead

Let your toddler pick a toy that attracts their attention

Bring out different kinds of toys and place them in front of your toddler. Let them pick up a toy that garners their attention and curiosity. Even if they are not using the right method to play with the toy, do not stop them. Let your munchkin show you a new way of using the toy. 

Read Your Child’s Signals

When your little one is frustrated or they’ve had enough with the game, they may show their disinterest using facial expressions, sounds, or even gestures. Reading these signals will help you understand that your child is bored and it’s probably time to move on to a new activity. It will also help avoid a temper tantrum. Sometimes, reading their signals can also help you determine which game or activity your little one prefers the most.

When They Say They Want To Play A Game Again, Let Them

We know parents, your toddler’s desire to play one game over and over again might not seem pleasing, but trust us, it does wonders, when it comes to your child mastering new skills. Playing a certain game, all by themselves, and repeatedly can bring out a sense of competency among toddlers. They learn to practice their skills and are more likely to take on new challenges to explore. This way their learning continues and aids in development. So even if you are tempted to hide that one annoying toy, remember the role this can play in their development, and try to resist your feelings.

Review The Play Area

Is the space your child is playing safe? Does it have too much noise and other distractions? Is the area suitable for games like running, throwing a ball, etc? 

Make sure you ask these questions before narrowing a play area for your child. Too many distractions or too little space will only interfere with your child’s attention and make them disinterested in playtime.

Involve Siblings Or Peers

One of the ways to make playtime for toddlers super fun is by involving their peers or even siblings. This will help your child establish social relationships and also aid in their personality development. Interacting with other children of their age can help them learn valuable skills such as sharing, empathy, conflict resolution, and caring.

4 Fun Playtime Activities To Try

There are many fun games and activities that you can play with your toddler

Now that you know the tips to make playtime fun, take a look at these game ideas that are easy and interesting.

  • Freeze: Make your tot stand at a distance as you lead them. Play music and instruct your child to dance at the same spot. The moment the music stops, you shout “Freeze”, and your tot has to freeze at their place. Do not have any elimination but give a treat to your munchkin if they succeed. It’s a good activity to play with siblings or peers.
  • Pass The Ball: Make your toddler sits opposite you on the floor. Give them a plastic ball and hold one yourself. Instruct them to pass the ball, and the moment they do, you slide your ball towards them. This game will help improve their predicting skills.
  • Hide And Seek: Nothing beats this good old family game. Play it indoors or outdoors and make sure to hide in a place where your toddler can find you easily. This is a great activity to spend quality time with your tot. 
  • Dough Lumps: This is a fun sensory activity for your toddler. Take some flour dough and show your little one how to make some lumps using their hands. Ask them to make the lumps and place them on a plate. Be informed that this activity can turn a little messy so make sure to play it before bath time. 

Play is an integral part of your child’s development and every toddler has a different approach towards it. As a parent, make sure to provide your munchkin with a supportive environment and help them discover new objects through playtime. 

29 Mar 2022

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