How To Make The First Move (Without Him Figuring It Out!)

Lavanya MohanLavanya Mohan  |  May 5, 2016


You like him; you want to get to know him better; you definitely want to go out with him; and you definitely do NOT want to seem like the first one making the move. It’s tricky – we get it! The quickest way to ask a guy out may be to just ask him out, but in a situation where you don’t want to play Captain Obvious and risk embarrassment, here are some sneaky ways for you to drop the hints!

1. Get Flirty

Some flirting never really hurt anyone! Whether it’s ruffling his hair when you win an argument or nudging him when he makes a joke – flirting is guaranteed to let him know what’s on your mind, and it will only be a matter of time before he asks you out. Go on then, put in a kissy face emoji in that text!

make the first move

2. Turn Group Plans Into Dates

Text him to ask if he’d be interested in having dessert with you after you’ve finished dinner with your girls. It’s a really smooth way to get some alone time WITHOUT sounding like you’re desperately crushing on him (which you totally are! :p).

make the first move

3. Moves And Movies

The best non-date date? Movies! Bring up the latest film that’s running in the theatres the next time you’re talking, and ask him if he’d like to watch it. Even if he says he has already watched it, tell him that the next time a similar movie comes up that he has to watch it with you! Done!

make the first move

4. Be Impromptu

In the middle of conversation (and if you know he’s free), make a sudden plan to get ice cream, and ask him if he’d join. Who says no to ice cream anyway?

make the first move

5. Don’t Forget To Smile!

Sometimes, you have to keep it simple. While we don’t want you smiling like a crazy lady, flashing that pretty smile every now and then will definitely make a lasting impression, and we’re pretty sure he’s going to want to see more of that happy face!

make the first move

6. The More The Merrier

If you and your crush don’t have any mutual friends, create them! The next time your gang gets together, invite him to join in as well. Apart from the fact that your friends will get to know your crush better, he’ll totally take to heart your sweet gesture!

make the first move

7. Be Yourself

It’s always fun to be all coy and flirty every once in a while, but never stop being yourself! If he doesn’t like you for you, then he’s not worth your time!

make the first move

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