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Major Drama: Divya Agarwal Just Commented On Shamita-Raqesh’s Relationship & It’s Shocking AF

Major Drama: Divya Agarwal Just Commented On Shamita-Raqesh’s Relationship & It’s Shocking AF

Bigg Boss OTT was an exciting mix of entertainment and drama that kept its audience enthralled for six long weeks. And while the first season may have ended with Divya Agarwal winning the coveted title, the drama continues. 

Shamita Shetty and Divya may have been civil to each other during the finale of the show, but it looks like their relationship is more complex than ever. A few days ago, Divya revealed their equation outside BB and shared that she wouldn’t take the first step to mend things with the actress. And now, she has opened up about Shamita’s comments on her relationship with Varun Sood.

Divya shared that she was shocked when she found out that Shamita had questioned her relationship with Varun during the show. The Final Exit actress also made nasty remarks about Shamita and Raqesh’s connection. She said, “She is talking about somebody out of this game show, who is in my family, and there is a difference between reality show pairings and a real-life pairing. You are comparing your reality show pairing to a real-life connection? I think it was a very silly comment.” Ouch! 

She further added, “Varun and I are very used to these kinds of comments and trolling. We have always said that time will tell. I invited her to my wedding anyway, I told her that when we get married, I will definitely call you.” 


Divya further opened up about what went wrong between the two contestants. She explained, “I don’t like to change anyone, I just want people to embrace themselves. When I don’t want anyone to change me, I also don’t go out there and keep telling people, ‘Change yourself into this’ or ‘Don’t do this, do this’. Shamita had that way of loving people and she said time and again, ‘I was caring for you, I was loving for you’, but honestly, this is a show and I met her only for two-three days.” She further added that she didn’t know whether Shamita cared for her or was pretending to. 

Well…TBH, we would really like the two to bury their hatchet and start afresh. 

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21 Sep 2021

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