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KWK S7: Maheep Kapoor Gets Real About Hubby Sanjay Kapoor’s Bollywood Struggles & It’s Heartbreaking

KWK S7: Maheep Kapoor Gets Real About Hubby Sanjay Kapoor’s Bollywood Struggles & It’s Heartbreaking

All hunky-dory as it might seem, choosing to be an actor is a huge gamble. Irrespective of how talented someone is, they can either receive instant fame or struggle to make their place for years at end. And even though industry connections can help you bag a couple of roles, the pressure is tremendous and luck isn’t always in your favour. Take, for instance, Sanjay Kapoor’s rocky career in the industry.

Maheep Kapoor recently opened up about how hard it is to make a mark in B-town. In a conversation with KWK host Karan Johar, Maheep got candid about how she and her family dealt with the ups and downs of he husband’s career.

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“There were times when Sanjay (Kapoor) was sitting at home for years with no work. Money was tight. My kids have grown up seeing that along with the glamour and glitz,” Maheep shared. She further added, “The people around me at times did make me feel like we were the unsuccessful wing of the Kapoor family.”

For those unversed, Sanjay and Maheep are part of the great Kapoor khandan. Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor are Sanjay’s brothers and this is why his career is often compared to theirs.


But this isn’t the first time Maheep has addressed her family’s problems publically. In the second season of The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives, she also opened up about how she and Sanjay dealt with infidelity.

“Initially in my marriage, there was an indiscretion that Sanjay had or whatever. I walked out with Shanaya. I stood up for myself but then, I had a newborn baby. Again, as a woman and as a mother, the first priority is my child. I owed my daughter this amazing father, which he is. I owed it to myself. And if I look back and if I broke this s**t up, I would have regretted it all my life”, Maheep said.

But all seems to be alright between the couple now and they’ve both moved past the incident. “What happened (happened) 100 years ago, of course. And I want to tell you that for me, I am grateful that we moved (on)… Marriage is shades of grey. I know that for him, marriage is lifelong,” she adds.

Well, kudos to Maheep for always speaking her truth! To know more about Maheep and her “fabulous” gang, tune into Koffee With Karan Season 7 on Disney+ hotstar this Wednesday.

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21 Sep 2022

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