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M.A.C's New Nude Lippies Are Abso-Freakin-Lutely Lustworthy!

M.A.C's New Nude Lippies Are Abso-Freakin-Lutely Lustworthy!

M.A.C just dropped 24 gorgeous new nude lipsticks for you to haul! We bet you’re going to find your perfect nude M.A.C lipstick in this collection. The new fall collection also features the Nicki Minaj x MAC collaboration that includes a whole bunch of nude lipsticks, nude lipglass colors and two of Nicki’s fave shades in the limited edition packaging. Nicki custom designed this whole range to give you new lip goals for the fall! The lipsticks come in hues of peach, pinks and browns and there’s one shade that’s going to be perfect for every skin tone. They also come in all your favorite finishes like matte, amplified and cream sheen so you can have a nude for every mood! Here’s a quick sneak peak at the collection. The collection is available internationally from the 21st of September so make sure to hit the M.A.C store on your next trip. And if you cannot wait, you can always order them online!

We love the shades Easy Babe, Nicki’s Nude and M.A.C lipglass in Under the sheets.

Easy Babe (Rs. 1,037) is a matte finish warm brown lipstick that’s going to look gorgeous on your no make-up days. It also happens to be a nude you can pair with absolutely any eye make-up.

MAC lipstick Easy Babe


Nicki’s Nude (Rs. 1,037) is a gorgeous coral pink shade that will give your lips just the right hint of colour, think your lips but better!

MAc lipstick Nickis nude

Under the Sheets (Rs. 1,037) is a warm coral lip gloss with a subtle pearlescent shimmer. It adds just the right amount of shine to your pout without changing the colour of your lipstick. Wear it over your fave lippie, or wear it alone.

MAc lipstick under the sheets


You can never have enough nude lipsticks, am I right ladies? Think of them as collectors items!

Psst! Here are 5 stunning nude M.A.C lipsticks that you CAN get your hands on in the meantime… We still can’t get enough of these!   

M.A.C Mocha (Rs 1,500) is your go-to peachy brown, perfect for olive skin.

M.A.C Mehr (Rs 1,500) is a gorgeous dusty rose lipstick, perfect for absolutely any occasion.


Mac Velvet Teddy (Rs 1,650) is a deep beige that looks amazing on lighter olive skin tones.

M.A.C Brave (Rs 1,500) is beige with slight pearlescence in a soft satin finish!

Mac Twig (Rs 1,500) is a muted brownish pink to bring out the natural colour of your lips.

25 Sep 2017

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