Luxe But Make It Pre-Loved! 7 Thrift Stores On Instagram To Score The Best Vintage Finds

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 29, 2021


Life is shortBuy the dress. This hackneyed, done-to-death quote found a new life in 2020 as the pandemic prompted a shift in customer behaviour. While fast fashion brands and their sales plummeted significantly in the past year, a fashion movement was in the making. Suddenly, everyone was buying vintage, pre-loved fits. This was because probably for the first time ever in millennial history, people were actually, really thinking about their impact on the planet. Consequently, they were displaying this renewed sense of preservation and sustainability. Suddenly, “pre-loved” had become a cool term and everyone wanted their share of vintage fashion. In a social media savvy world, this only meant one thing–lots of new thrift stores on Instagram.

In the past year and a half, we have scoured the ‘gram for reliable thrift stores and it has been a rewarding quest. The experience of buying from them has proved to be equally thrilling as well. With the popular stores, you literally have to be on the lookout for new drops. The response time is important and the fastest fingers first is the name of the game. Oh and the rush that you feel after successfully managing to score a piece? Priceless! Well, on the occasion of International Thrift Day, we thought of sharing this joy with you all and have curated a list of seven thrift stores on Instagram that we absolutely love. Read on:

Wrinkled Thrift @wrinkledthrift

One of the most versatile thrift stores on the ‘gram, The Wrinkled Thrift has our attention for their arsenal of chic finds that have a contemporary appeal to them. The curator has a taste for knotted shirts, relaxed skirts, and breezy sundresses. They frequently drop trendy jeans and trousers as well.

Thrift Opportunity @Thriftopportunity

This is a very interesting thrift store that you should check out for the clothing that exudes old-world charm. You’d find separates embellished with chantilly laces and vintage trims, milkmaid dresses, and delicately embroidered shirts along with some gorgeous boho picks. The curator clearly has a thing for Victorian fashion and it shows in each one of their picks. This one has to be your store if you wanna dress up like you just stepped out of a Jane Austen novel. 

Thrift India @thrift_india

We at POPxo Fashion love cutesy minis and Thrift India offers them in all sizes and colours. Look out for LBDs, chic crops tops, and tiered frocks. 

Thrift & Thrive @Thrift.andthrive

Want to own a luxury bag without breaking the bank? Thrift & Thrive is the store for you! They offer an exclusive selection of branded vintage bags and deliver them in good condition. Rest assured, you won’t be able to buy just one. That said, they have a private account and you would have to send a follow frequent before starting your shopping spree.

VRTT Vintage @vrttvintage

Imagine scoring a pair of well-preserved Christian Louboutins at fairly affordable prices. Yes, that is the kind of magic that VRTT Vintage does. This store is a literal accessory haven and from Chanel to Bottega Veneta, you will find it all. 

WOO @Thriftwoo

Aren’t fancy swimsuits just too expensive for something that you cannot even wear to a party (accept the poolside ones, of course)? We get you and so do the curators at WOO. The store offers a wide array of swimwear. From Kardashian style-all nude bikinis to some uber-sexy lingerie, you will find it all. 

Thrift Mom @Thriftmom_

This thrift store is a one-stop-shop for all things prints, patterns, and tailored fits. You should especially be looking out for their quirky, statement shirts. The curator has an eye for vibrant prints and stately lapels and we love how the clothes have a very retro glamm meets girl boss vibes.

So fam, all set to explore some pre-loved goodness?

Featured Image: Instagram