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10 Cute Quotes To Make Your Wedding Decor Oh-So-Adorable!

10 Cute Quotes To Make Your Wedding Decor Oh-So-Adorable!

Love quotes, fun quotes, romantic quotes… Adding quotes to your wedding decor is the newest trend and one that you totally need to incorporate in at least one of your functions! Pick up quotes that best define you as a couple or you could even have your vows spread around at the venue. Choose fun and quirky quotes for the sangeet and romantic ones to do up your wedding reception. This is truly an amazing way to add a personal touch and charm to your venue. Now go ahead and pick a quote that you’d like to see at your shaadi!

1. Men will always be wrong!

1 Wedding decor

Image: WeddingNama

What better way to kick off the fun element at a wedding than the big “men vs women” debate?!

2. The important dates

2 Wedding decor

Image: Vintagefolk on Instagram

Awww…such a short and sweet way to familiarize guests with your love story and make them feel like an important part of the wedding.

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3. Sangeet special

3 Wedding decor

Image: Thecreativeeden on Instagram

Set up a board with dance floor rules right next to the stage at the sangeet. Looks like so much fun!

4. Fairytale love

4 Wedding decor

Image: Hbgweddingstyle on Instagram

We’ve read this quote a million times but there is something about it that still gives us the butterflies!

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5. Best of both worlds

5 Wedding decor

Image: Fandangostudios on Instagram

How it is supposed to be and what actually does happen… One quote that says it all!

6. Together forever

6 Wedding decor

Image: Vikialbuquerqueventos on Instagram

Seven words that pretty much put together all your feelings as you step into your new life.

7. Saying it as it is!

7 Wedding decor

Image: Withlovenilma on Instagram

What more can we say besides, “Trust me, you can dance, yours truly, Tequila!”

8. It’s okay to be naughty!

8 Wedding decor

Image: Weddingschnepffarms on Instagram

Okay now this one’s too cute! Exactly how any couple about to get married would feel!

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9. Storybook love

9 Wedding decor

Image: Baliasriutama on Instagram

So adorable, so romantic and so perfect for your fairytale wedding.

10. Love like this!

10 Wedding decor

Image: Condogsmom on Instagram

Does he too get on your nerves very often?! Take a dig and have some fun with a quote like this!

Featured Image: Shutterstock

13 Oct 2016

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