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Love, Drama & Heartbreak! Looking Back at Divya Agarwal & Varun Sood’s Love Story

Love, Drama & Heartbreak! Looking Back at Divya Agarwal & Varun Sood’s Love Story

Once upon a time in the telly world, Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood were called the golden couple. NGL, one of our favourite things to do on the ‘Gram was to swoon over their cute posts. They had it all, an adorable couple hashtag (Hello #DivRun!), a tremendous social media following, great chemistry and so much more. However, as they say, ‘good things don’t last forever’.

Recently, Divya announced their separation and left everyone in shock. While we are still trying to process this heartbreaking announcement, let’s look back at their relationship and reminisce all the good times.

When They Met


Back in 2018, Divya had just called it quits with her then-boyfriend Priyank Sharma and Varun got out of a relationship with Benafsha Soonawalla. Both Divya and Varun bonded with each other when they starred in the popular reality show Ace of Space. Sparks flew instantly and they fell in love with each other in no time. 

When Varun Suprised Divya With A Grand Proposal 

During the Ace Of Space show, Varun proposed to Divya and confessed that he is in love with her. We don’t think anyone can forget how the Bigg Boss OTT winner reacted to his confession. She threatened him (for real) and asked him if he was doing all of this for publicity. Divya even told him that if he’s lying about his feelings, her father will get him arrested and he will never be able to date anyone after that. 

When They Moved In Together


In just a year, Divya and Varun decided to take a leap of faith and moved in together. Lucky for us, this led to tons of adorable pictures on the ‘Gram and our social media feeds turned into a mush zone. In a previous interview, the actress confessed that the two were planning to buy a place together. Divya said, “We are both very emotional about this. But, at the same time, Varun has done his part for the house (working on a show and earning some money). Now, it is my time to do it. We just have a very small dream – we want to settle down with a beautiful home.”

The Bigg Boss star added, “We are quite passionate about our dream and our work. I guess these things make us stronger and keep us going together.”

When Our Hearts Got Broken 

Recently, Divya took to Instagram and shared the most heartbreaking update. The Final Exit actress penned, “Life is such a circus! Try n keep everyone happy, expect nothing that’s true but what happens when the self love starts declining ?? No i don’t blame anyone for anything that’s happening to me.. I feel worked up .. and that’s okay .. I want to breathe n live for myself .. that’s okay ! I hereby formally declare that I’m on my own in this life and would like to take my time to live the way I want to ! No, it’s not always necessary to have big statements, excuses and reasons for a decision. It’s just my choice to step out of it.”

Divya added, “I really value and love all the happy moments I spent with him. He’s a great guy! He will always be my best friend Please respect my decision”

As writer Rachel Brathen wrote, “To love and let go, love and let go, love and let go. It’s the single most important thing we can learn in this lifetime.” We hope that Divya and Varun continue to grow and find the happiness they are looking for! 

Feature Image Credit: Instagram

08 Mar 2022

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