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If Your Skin Is Itchy And Red, Lizzo Has Three Tips To Offer You

If Your Skin Is Itchy And Red, Lizzo Has Three Tips To Offer You

While Google identifies Lizzo as a singer-rapper, the multitasking, body-loving powerhouse of a performer dabbles in the occasional flute-playing at the Met Gala; turns her lacquers into mile-long extensions before any occasion; and challenges today’s standards of beauty head-on.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer has added another hobby to her cartage of skills, and it’s a life-saver for those with acne-prone skin. If your routine isn’t working for you anyone, Lizzo’s on-tour regimen involves just three steps, and it’s so effective! All you need to do is reserve a couple of minutes for your skin right before tucking yourself into bed. If busy-bee Lizzo can do it, you have no excuses. Ahead — Lizzo’s acne-friendly skincare routine.

It’s About Damn Time Lizzo Shared Tips For Acne With Us

Lizzo revealed that her on-tour skin has been experiencing flare-ups and break-outs. She normalised the reality of texture and acne — and explained that the problem-areas she wanted to address were the irritation and itchiness associated with the situation. These are by-products of inflammation and acne, and manifest on the singer’s chest as well. The mani-enthusiast follows three steps to alleviate these side-effects.

  • Lizzo cleanses her face and chest with Cetaphil’s face-wash as recommended to her by her MUA. She explains that her skin is sensitive, and that products infused with scents (like the ones she finds in hotels), intensify her condition. This face-wash is coveted by those with reactive skin-types, and is soap-free as well as fragrance-free. Not only that — it’s infused with barrier-strengthening, ultra-hydrating ingredients like Glycerin that further relieve the skin of irritation and itchiness. This is one of the best products for cleansing, and it’s available in India.
  • The second step in the line-up involves soothing her skin with an arnica-infused mask. Arnica is derived from plants, and it excels at healing the skin. The ingredient headlines the composition of this leave-on mask, and is also infused with Shea Butter, Calendula, and Centella Asiatica. It treats dryness and irritation, and rehydrates the skin lavishly.
  • Lizzo concludes with a serum-rich sheet mask that she leaves on until it dries. She claimed that her skin had calmed down ‘a lot’ post masking, and turns in for the night. While she didn’t reveal the name of the mask, it did look extremely hydrating.

These are the best acne-related products, and they’re all Lizzo-approved.


She recorded a follow-up in the morning, and she maintained that the three-step regimen had reduced itchiness and irritation significantly, and that she felt ‘really good’ about what she’d done. The ‘About Damn Time’ singer said that her chest wasn’t itchy anymore either.

For everyone that’s on-the-go all the time, changes in the environment can wreak havoc on the skin. Lizzo leaves us with a pro-tip for acne-prone skin-types that reduces the probability of encountering flare-ups and inflammation. She credited much of the improvement in her skin to a custom-made satin-based pillowcases — that she has been back-packing around recently. The tip is fool-proof — because you don’t know how often hotels and Airbnbs do their laundry, and you don’t want to shove your face into a dirt-ridden pillow for sure.

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Lizzo always keeps it real, and she just did it again.

Featured Image: Instagram

31 Oct 2022

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