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29 Little Things That Can Make Us Smile Even On A Bad Day!

29 Little Things That Can Make Us Smile Even On A Bad Day!

Every day, we all wake up with an agenda to have a good day. But then there are some days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and then the whole day seems to be such a drag! But There are a few sweet little things that can make us smile in the midst of all the crazy happenings. Take notice, and be happy!

1. Getting your eyeliner right in the first stroke.

We know this can take a while otherwise!

2. A cup of chai or a mug of coffee just the way you like it.

Perfect way to start off your day – stomach happy!

3. Someone actually stopping at a zebra crossing to let you cross the road.

Thank you, Human. You are the reason I have faith in mankind.


things that make us happy

4. Finding an auto-wala who goes by the meter right outside your house!

Haggling with them early in the morning can be such a pain.

5. Taking off your bra after a long day.

Freedom!! Favourite moment after getting back home.

6. At the gym, when you manage to do all 15 push-ups without taking a break.

“We are the champions, my friend… ”


things that make us happy

7. Dodging the red light 80% of the time in the same day.

How did I get so lucky?

8. Perfectly matching, tip-top from hair to toes!

Bring out the camera, people. Click-click away!

9. Your favourite song plays on the radio randomly while you are driving. 

OMG! Let’s dance and entertain everyone on the road.


things that make us happy

10. Finding a 500 rupee note in an unexpected place.

I am rich! I am rich! Can totally buy that new lipstick shade now.

11. A cute boy holding the door for you when you enter a mall.

Awww, so sweet, could I have your phone number please, or maybe just your name? Sigh!

12. Walking back home and you see your favourite puppy out on a walk.

Should have wished for something else, would have got that too! Baby-voice alert.


things that make us happy

13. Not having to set an alarm on a weekend.

Phone on “do not disturb” mode. Sigh! Time to sleep peacefully.

14. Finding a treat in the back of the fridge that you had forgotten about.

With twinkling eyes, going to devour that chocolate cake slice.

15. When there is enough foam on your loofah when you take a shower.

Best bath ever.


things that make us happy

16. After three days of a sore throat, when the pain while swallowing has finally gone away…

I can finally eat all the gol-gappas in the world!

17.  Your nail paint looks just about perfect even after four days.

Let’s get pose-y with the hands in the selfie. Flawless!

18. Having a conversation with someone and they go, “Ya, that’s exactly what I was thinking!”

Wow, we have some rare connection!


things that make us happy

19. The fresh aroma of something yummy being cooked.

Time to put on some kilos, but who cares!

20. Checking your inbox to find more important mails than those subscribed ones.

No need to hit the delete button today!

21. Still having 10% charge on your phone at the end of the day !

Yes! Yes! Yes! I made it.


things that make us happy

22. Breaking into a dance move listening to someone else’s phone ringtone.

Let’s move with it, everybody! Sorry, for the interruption, people around.

23. Someone getting the directions right to your house on the first go!

Thank you, my lord. Thank you for not having me repeat the same thing every day.

24. Getting that perfect pout in the selfie on the first click.

Like a pro! Time to post it on Insta quickly!


things that make us happy

25. Not being clumsy with your food around people.

God, please be kind! Please make sure I don’t look like a clutz today.

26. Getting a spectacular view of moon in the middle of crazy traffic in the evening.

Traffic woes gone away with that glimpse.

27. Finding a place that’s offering “happy hours” even after happy hours are over.

We know how that feels for sure. Just makes plans so simple. You would know!


things that make us happy

28. Hearing familiar house noises when you are about to hit the bed to sleep.

Go to sleep smiling because you are home.

29. When air blows through your hair on opening the window.

Bollywood moment, right here. Background music please! 

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05 May 2016

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