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Congratulations! Lisa Haydon’s Baby No 3 Is Here & We Can’t Contain Our Excitement

Congratulations! Lisa Haydon’s Baby No 3 Is Here & We Can’t Contain Our Excitement

2021 seems to be the year of celeb babies and we’re loving every bit of it. All these unique baby announcement posts and quirky baby shoots brighten our day and how! So far, more than a few B-town celebrities like Virat-Anushka, Kapil-Ginni, and Saif-Kareena among other couples, have made charming little additions to their families. And the baby train keeps on trucking this year. Yes, another one of our fave celebrities just added a new member to her fam and we couldn’t possibly be happier for them. Any guesses? It’s none other than Lisa Haydon, you guys!

Lisa and Dino Lalvani are now a family of five! The parents recently welcomed their little baby girl. Knowing Lisa and her love for Insta pics, we were eagerly waiting for the actress to announce the birth of her third child with adorbs pictures. However, the actress surprised us by sharing the birth of her baby girl in the comments section of one of her posts. 


It all happened when her fan commented on her recent Insta post, ‘Hey can you tell me please where’s your 3 tiny baby?’ To this, Lisa responded by saying, “ in my arms,” Aww..how sweet is this! 

Lisa’s fans can’t seem to get enough of her baby-related announcements and updates. Do you remember her baby announcement video earlier this year? In the video, the gorgeous model-turned-actor said that she had been meaning to talk to her fans for quite some time but kept delaying it out of “pure laziness”. She said, “So, I’ve been meaning to get up on here to have a chat with you all and catch up on stuff that’s been happening lately. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t so far is – pure laziness, there is no other excuse for this behaviour.”

Soon, Liza was joined by her son Zack and when she asked him, “Zacky, can you tell everyone what’s inside of mommy’s tummy?,” he replied, “A baby sister.” Isn’t that the cutest pregnancy announcement ever? 


The Housefull 3 actress tied the knot with her hubby Dino in 2016 at a beautiful beach wedding. The couple welcomed their first child, Zack in 2017 and second, Leo in 2020. Lisa currently lives in Hong Kong and we love getting glimpses of her picture-perfect family on her social media. 

Lisa hasn’t revealed any more details about her baby girl and we’re hoping to get a glimpse of the little angel soon. Congratulations to the Haydon-Lalvani clan! 

Featured Image: Instagram

01 Jul 2021

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