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Bougie On A Budget: These Bestselling Lipsticks Are All Under Rs 500

Bougie On A Budget: These Bestselling Lipsticks Are All Under Rs 500




How many times has an affordable beauty find pleasantly surprised you? Do you feel a rush inside you when you aceg a bougie look with budget makeup products? Yes? Then we are here to proudly brag some of our affordable lipstick finds that will give you a rich, Instagram-baddie finish for bomb selfies. 

Budget Lipstick Buys FTW


The problem with most low-budget makeup products lies within their formulas – either the lipstick will bleed, or smudge within the first hour, or can even make your lips look like wrinkled raisins! We can all agree that it’s the worst. What we are looking for are affordable lipsticks with creamy formulas that last long hours through the day, and make us feel like our best selves. Below listed are some of our top lipstick recommendations under Rs. 500: 

Creamy Comfort


A creamy matte liquid lipstick is always a must-have. It looks stylish, its compact size makes it easy to carry in your purse, and its creamy formula offers comfortable wear. Add to cart – check.

The Class Favourite



If you’re a true lipstick fanatic, you must have had this oldie as a part of your regular makeup routine at some point. This matte lipstick is easy, creamy, and perfect for everyday wear. 

Magic In A Bottle

Another stunning liquid lip colour that gives you a magical matte finish. Available in a wide range of shades, this beauty of a lipstick is also among the classics of Indian lipsticks. 

The Party Survivor



If there was a lipstick equivalent of that one friend who is still dancing at the end of an after-party at 4 am, this is it. This lipstick by Rimmel lasts for long hours and never embarrasses you with a smudged lipstick look, which is more than you can say for that friend at the end of the party. 

Feels Like A Feather

If you’re making a transition from lip balms to lipsticks, you’re becoming a lady. And also, this is the one. With a formula that feels weightless on the lips, this lipstick is perfect for when you want to gradually shift to wearing lipsticks and in getting used to them. 

All-In-One Treat


What more can one ask for? A lip palette with 12 lipstick shades! Under Rs. 500? A steal deal. We are quite impressed. 

Multi-Tasking Bestie

Lips? Check.
Cheeks? Check.
Eyes? Check!
A multi-tasking stick for a boss babe. Try this product by e.l.f. Cosmetics if you’re always running late. This is also a treat for those who love monochromatic, naturally flushed makeup looks.  

Matte Lips For Days

A beautiful lipstick formula that comes in classy packaging. We don’t know about you, but we’re totally crushing. 

A Bullet For Love


Would you take a bullet for love? If you’re talking about this Kiko Milano bullet, then count us in! 

Save a couple thousand (read many thousand) bucks from your lipstick budget by adding these savers to your makeup cart. With the superior formula of these affordable gems and your makeup skills, you are bound to create a makeup look that looks like a million bucks!

Featured Images: Instagram


15 Jul 2021

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