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Calling Out The Librans: Here’s A Lippie For Each One Of Your Moods 

Calling Out The Librans: Here’s A Lippie For Each One Of Your Moods 

Libras — you guys are versatile, fun, and raging lovers of lipsticks. The old-school romantic in you longs for the quintessential blood-red lips; while the minimalist demands the dustiest splashes of barely-there rose. The hostess needs something quick and on-the-go because she’s the life of every party, and spills the finest tea on every occasion (no zodiac sign can win this one), and the night-out-enthusiast is in constant search of the boldest shades to set the floor ablaze. Ahead — every single shade you’re going to want to get your hands on this season. Trust me — they’re so in sync with the Libra makeup aesthetic.

It’s Not Libra Season Until You Have A Lipstick For Every Vibe-Check Ever

Raging Romantic

Stumbling upon this liquid lipstick kit is no coincidence. Each of these ultra-pigmented formulas exudes a silky-soft, mousse-like texture that feels lightweight and non-sticky on the lips. They boast a transfer-proof, long-stay finish, and are embellished with lip-loving Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter to soften and smoothen your pout with each swipe.

Enclosed within the package is a rich shade of wine-red, a bright shade of rose pink, and a classic blood-red. While you gravitate more toward barely-there flushes of colour on the skin, a little bit of pigment always flatters the Libran spirit. If you’re feeling particularly romantic (which, I’m pretty sure you feel all the time, old-school pal), these velvety-soft colours will thrive on a candle-lit date night. Since they’re power-packed with the most luscious, stand-out shades, you can play it subtly on the eyes and cheeks too.

Party Prep

You love hosting get-togethers, and the weekly night-out is non-negotiable, but trudging around with a handbag chock-full of lipsticks is exhausting. And attempting to break away from the crowd for more than a few minutes for touch-ups? Impossible. How do you like the sound of this: one lipstick fashioned with 5 creamy, velvet-textured lip colours? If you’re always on the go, you might want to consider trading in your five go-to lipsticks for this innovative, multipurpose lip bullet. It’s also infused with the benefits of skincare — no chapped, cracked lips at the end of the night.

Monochromatic Magic

For when you’re looking to endow your skin with a barely-there, second-skin-like finish, this lip kit is going to tie it all together effortlessly. There’s a dusty-rose, peachy-pink, and nude-brown — all perfect for when you don’t want to do a full-fledged look. You can complement each of these shades with a similar colour on your skin — or even use them as cheek tints. They’re not only economical, but also vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

Day Dining (Drinking?)

Nothing rivals this bright pop of orange for a day-out. This splash of colour promises your lips an opaque, smooth, crease-free application. It’s smudge-proof and transfer-proof too — which means you can binge-eat without having to reapply your lipstick. Infused with Moringa Oil, it hydrates your lips and reinstates their suppleness simultaneously. And, hey, it might mattify your lips — but it sure doesn’t feel like it does. Know what I’m saying? None of that dryness, stickiness or discomfort associated with matte-textured lipsticks.

Insta Itch

These lip colours are equal parts sweet and sassy. They sing the praises of plum, pink, and maroon, and are the quirkiest partners-in-crime ever. They’re coveted for how stunning they look on camera — every shade of sultry and feisty. This liquid lip-kit can salvage your Instagram feed, and you know it. Just put on your prettiest dress, swipe on one of these shades, and the double-taps will flow in automatically.

Soft Splashes

For when you want to give your lips a break, this balm-textured stain is what you need. This lip-and-cheek tint delivers a burst of colour to the face. Formulated with Jojoba Oil, it’s quite the switch-up from lip bullets and lipsticks. It’s soft and delicate on the skin and a much-needed break from conventional formulations.

Planning to flaunt it in the authentic Libra style this time? Add these to your cart now!

Featured Image: Instagram

29 Sep 2022

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