Pucker Up! 10 Lipstick Shades That Every 20-Something Girl Can Rock

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jul 29, 2020
Pucker Up! 10 Lipstick Shades That Every 20-Something Girl Can Rock


Ladies, let’s talk about the fact that finding the perfect lipstick is much harder than it looks. Finding the perfect shade that suits your personality and your skin tone and on top of that it should have the perfect texture- matte, glossy, sheer and it should not slide off your lips the first chance it gets. Everyone has different preferences and lucky for you we’re here to help you pick the one that suits you the best.


This Lipstick Day, Here Are 10 Lipstick That Every Kinda Girl Will Like

Read on to see which one suits you the best.

The Life Of The Party

For the girl who is the life of the party this Huda Beauty lipstick that’ll make everyone stop and stare. It’s a matte finish and stays on for long without exaggerating your cracks and making your lips chapped.

The Girl Next Door

For every girl next door, this nude-brown lipstick by MyGlamm works well. It looks eye-catching yet subtle- basically the best of both worlds!

The Fashionista

A fashionista loves to experiment with her outfits as well as her beauty looks and this metallic red lipstick kit is great for those of you who are totes extra and love it.

The Flirty Baby

When you’re in the mood to woo some people with your flirtatious personality then a pink sheer lipstick works well. Entice them with your kissable rosy lips and they won’t be able to resist.

The Introvert

For the girl who is introverted, a peachy nude would be perfect cause it looks superb yet it understated and the best part is that it goes with just about any outfit. 

The Sarcastic One

For the one who is always looking to give a snarky comeback and who always has a fun oneliner up her sleeve, this Kay Beauty lipstick works well- it’s semi-matte and the shade is pink, nude, brown with a red undertone. YASS! 

The Desi Girl

For the girl who loves her Indian ensembles, a dusty pink lipstick is a must-have- it goes with a whole lot of outfits and gives you that overall flushed look.

For The Boss Babe

For every boss lady, her fav red lipstick is her best friend. You can wear it to work, for a date and even for a night around town with the girls. Cause you really are worth it!

The One With A Gypsy Soul

She’s the girl who does whatever she likes, breaks the rules, makes them, and lives according to herself. For her, a pink barely-there lipstick would be great because that infectious smile already does all the work!

Who Is Looking For The Next Adventure

For the girl who is always looking for her next adventure, even her makeup should be fun. This mauvish shade by NYX will give you that slight colour if you dab it on but you can get loads of pigment from it too.

So ladies, ready pucker up!?

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