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Drum In The Serum: Lip Serums Are Having A Major Beauty Moment

Drum In The Serum: Lip Serums Are Having A Major Beauty Moment

Ah—another lip-loving formula sashaying down our Instagram feeds, and flashing before our YouTube videos—promising to pucker up our pouts with a mere swipe across the lips. I thought serums were limited to the skin, hair, and maybe, the rest of the body. But beauty is vastless and evidently, confusing. And, no, these serums are not the same as lip-oils, butters, balms, masks, or gels.

I get it though. Our lips don’t contain sebaceous glands and thus, are unable to self-moisturise. No wonder they appear dry and dull without any intervention. But at what point do lip-serums stage an intervention? And what are their benefits? Let’s find out why everyone’s raging over them.

What Are Lip Serums?

Yeah, what are they anyway?

Let’s make this simple. Think of your go-to balm as your moisturiser—one that seals in moisture by forming a protective barrier over the surface of your skin. That’s what a balm does for your lips. A serum, though, contains active ingredients that provide moisture and hydration to your lips from the inside-out—it penetrates the skin to nourish and repair. A serum has smaller molecules that enables it to seep into the skin, and address specific concerns like dryness and dullness—much like a serum for the face.

Which One’s The Best For You?

It depends on the problem you’re trying to counter. There are various formulations out there, and they’re tailored to meet varying concerns. If you’re looking to accentuate the fullness of your lips, reach out for a hyaluronic acid-infused concoction. Are your lips under-moisturised and dry? Maybe invest in one containing nourishing oils and Vitamin E.

How Do You Use One?

It’s pretty simple—you apply a layer of serum over cleansed/exfoliated lips, and top it off with a balm to seal in all the moisture. If you’re stepping out, you can conclude with a lipstick too.

Our Favourite Lip Serums

Looking to plump up your lips naturally? Infused with Vitamin E and coffee, this serum melts onto your lips like honey, and moisturises them from the inside-out. Its composition of coffee enables it to exfoliate the surface, and reinstate the natural suppleness of the lips.

Earth Rhythm’s serum enhances the volume of your lips, and it does this by trapping moisture from the environment that would’ve normally evaporated from the surface of the skin. Say hello to fuller-looking, hydrated lips!

This one’s just bursting with flavour, colour, and moisture-boosting serums. It contains pure ghee, coconut oil, organic beeswax, and shea butter, and together, they nourish, firm, heal, soothe, and protect your lips from UVB damage. Pretty versatile, no?

So—what’s the verdict? I’d say I’m all for it.

Featured Image: Instagram

26 May 2022

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