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15 Colored Lip Balm Alternatives For A Lipstick – 2019 Update

15 Colored Lip Balm Alternatives For A Lipstick – 2019 Update

Do you also prefer balms over lipsticks? Colored lip balms offer the required nourishment for your lips with a dash of colour. Many girls still don’t know how to apply lipstick like a pro and therefore choose lip balms over lipsticks. Lip balms are handy products that require low maintenance.


So if you want a lip balm that does the job of a lipstick while moisturising your pout, we have made a list of Top 15 tinted lip balm brands. Balms may not have a large variety of colours like lipstick shades but they do offer natural and soft color options. These magic sticks will not only hydrate your delicate and soft lips but will also add a pop of tint to them. P.S. They all smell really yummy!

Perfect Lipstick Alternatives

Wanna give your pout a natural tinted look? If yes, then have a look at our top picks of colored lip balm that are the perfect alternatives for a lipstick.

1. Organic Harvest Lip Balm – Pink

Organic Harvest Lip Balm

This lip balm will provide your lips with a cute pink color. The best part is its organic ingredients including lily oil and vitamin E that will keep your lips healthy and moisturized. Choose it for glowing and soft lips.

Price: Rs. 199. Buy it here.

2. Rose Lip Balm


This hundred percent organic lip balm is the best lip balm for those who only trust organic products for their skin care. It has the goodness of almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil and butters to keep lips hydrated and naturally glowing.

Price: Rs 595 . Buy it here.

3. Forest Essentials Luscious Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm


This lip balm is packed with the required nourishment for your lips. It has a beautiful packaging with a sweet fragrance. You will definitely love it on your lips.

Price: Rs 650 . Buy it here.

4. Nyx Color Lip Balm Arigato


It is the perfect destination to your craving of color & care combo for soft and glowing lips. Buy this to get a lovely and soft color with a feel of spa for your lips.

Price: Rs 940. Buy it here.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips Spiced Up


The beauty of this baby lips balm is that it comes in darker shades that complement Indian sun-kissed complexions. It moisturises the lips and protects them from the harsh rays of the sun. Not to forget that it’s compact in size and the packaging is pretty adorable!

Price: Rs. 175. Buy it here.


6. Lakme Lip Love Care



It’s a dual core lip balm which gives you the perfect combination of hydration and tint. It has a creamy texture and contains SPF 15. It’s available in three bright shades and one subtle one. Perfect for everyday use

Price: Rs. 150. Buy it here.

7. Nivea Care & Colour Lip Balm


If you’re gaga about the colour red, you have to pick this cutie up! The inner core contains panthenol that offers deep moisturisation to lips and makes them supple, while the outer core gives your lips a hint of delicate red. Now, pouting has never been this fun!

Price: Rs. 200. Buy it here.

8. Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow


I personally love this lip balm because of its bright crayon packaging and superb quality. It contains Vitamin E that helps hydrate lips like a pro! It also gives them a glossy tint and is available in five unique shades. Feel free to take your pick, ladies!

Price: Rs. 250. Buy it here.

9. Oriflame The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm 5-lip-balms-that-act-as-lipsticks

Ever considered getting a spa done for your lips? Well, now you can with this amazing lip balm! It contains SPF 8, canola and rosehip seed oil. It moisturises lips to perfection and keeps them soft and hydrated all day. Plus, it’s a steal for the price.

Price: Rs. 329. Buy it here.

10. Himalaya Strawberry Shine Lip Care


If you are looking for a herbal lip balm for basic nourishment and care for your lips with a subtle shine and natural color, then this lip balm has all the reasons to be purchased. It is budget friendly and protects your skin from dryness. It is easily available everywhere.

Price: Rs 142. Buy it here.

11. Palladio Butter Me Up Sheer Color Lip Balm


This pink beauty is the best for lip care as it moisturizes and smoothens the lips. It has a sheer and attractive color which will definitely convince you to buy it. Moreover, it is light to carry and super easy to apply with its stick packaging.

Price: Rs. 650. Buy it here

12. Avon New York Naturals Lip Balm


This Avon balm offers many reasons to be among the top 15 list. It has a subtle shine and color and is chosen by those who want to keep it basic. It keeps lips moisturised and has a pleasant fragrance as well. It has the goodness of natural ingredients. Its stick tube packaging makes it easy to use and carry.

Price: Rs. 100. Buy it here.

13. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Sexy Balm Lip


Are you fond of pink? If you are, then you need to pick this genius balm up today! It contains natural oils that hydrate lips and erase chapped lines. The shade is dreamy and it gives out a delicious fruity scent. YUM!

Price: Rs. 499. Buy it here.






14. Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm


This chubby lip pencil is amazing if you’re looking for a lip balm that offers a hint of a tint and is a moisturizer too! It gives lips a velvety matte finish and it’s extremely long lasting. Also, doesn’t the packaging look aesthetic and classy too? Bag it today!

Price: Rs. 1095. Buy it here.

15. Revlon Kiss Lip Balm 


This Revlon lip balm comes with a hydration formula that keeps your lips soft and hydrated for long hours. It has sheer color and natural fruit oils. It also offers sun protection as it comes with SPF of 20 plus.

Price: Rs. 1799. Buy it here.

There you go! So these are the best tinted lip balms and chapsticks you can swap your lipsticks with. These are especially useful and handy in the dry winter seasons.

*Note: Prices can be lower than the mentioned amount depending upon the prevailing offers or sale

This story was updated in October 2019.

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