8 Lingerie Commandments For Every 20-Something Girl!

Kritika RathiKritika Rathi  |  Jul 11, 2016
8 Lingerie Commandments For Every 20-Something Girl!


For a woman who is in the prime of her youth, lingerie is an everyday concern. And there are certain unsaid rules we know now that we wish we knew earlier. Here are 8 lingerie rules, which are more like commandments for every twenty-something woman! You must remember them and you must share them!

1. Sexy Lingerie Is Not Just For Sexual Matters!

How many of you have seen a sexy babydoll or a corset and thought that you might buy that when you get married or when you want to surprise your boyfriend? That’s the attitude that needs to change. Yes, you can dress sexy for the man, but better than that, you can dress sexy for yourself. Lacy bras, sexy panties or even satin teddies can and should be worn when you are on your own too! It’s like an instant boost for your mood and keeps you connected to your sensuality!

2. The Hunt For The Perfect Bra Needs To End At Some Point!

2 lingerie shopping rules

Bras are that one clothing item that always contour and hug your body like a second skin. So it’s but natural that you feel like there is nothing that fits flawlessly – unless it’s custom made, but nobody has time for that. While this may be true for some, it doesn’t mean you can’t find something close to perfect. There are many brand options available and different cup sizes that might fit you. Just make sure to try them out though!

3. Do Not Be Embarrassed About The Type You Choose To Wear!

Tastes are different, preferences are different. Some like to keep it simple by wearing basic cuts in neutrals colours. Yet, there are many who have bras and panties that belong to every spectrum of the colour wheel. You might be someone who only likes wired bras and then there are women out there who prefer bralettes. It’s your choice, pick what you want but keep in mind that different bra styles serve different purposes too. Like some don’t let your nipples show through.

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4. Know Your Lingerie Well!

4 lingerie shopping rules

By now, you should have a fair idea about the different varieties of bras and panties available, so that when you are out shopping, you can make an informed decision. When you want to wear a backless dress, what are your bra options? If you’re tired of visible panty lines, are seamless panties the answer? Before stepping out, check the web for some insights or chat with the sales assistant at the stores. Make sure to explore!

5. Pick Patterns Wisely!

Sequins on your bra? Animal prints? Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it doesn’t go OTT. A little bit of bling or outrageous prints can make you feel like a star from within, but you should make sure you have a mix of some solid and neutral coloured ones along with the crazy prints and patterns. Even with panties, make sure you have a mix of everything. Sexy g-strings to grandma panties, variety will solve all your problems!

6. Don’t Be Scared To Experiment!

6 lingerie shopping rules

You are young, bold and beautiful. Don’t worry about experimenting a bit with your lingerie style. Try new silhouettes, fabrics, colors and brands. Until something isn’t actually uncomfortable, you’ll enjoy the experience and when you feel adventurous from inside, life becomes more exciting!

7. Match Your Underwear With Your Bra As Often As You Can!

This one isn’t a cardinal rule – more like a commandment! But try and coordinate your bra with your panty as often as you can. This can make you feel good inside out. It’s a habit that can make you feel sexy and confident always – because if you end up having a sexy encounter, you know you don’t have to worry about anything!

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8. Don’t Compromise On The Fabric!

8 lingerie shopping rules

Make sure you understand fabrics well. Picking a lower quality fabrics in bras and panties can cause you a lot of trouble. To avoid that, study the different fabrics well. The reason certain bras cost more has a lot to do with the material they use. So make sure you don’t compromise on that front! It can affect your hygiene too.

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