6 Aww-Dorable Limited Edition Beauty Products For Your Collection

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jul 16, 2021
6 Aww-Dorable Limited Edition Beauty Products For Your Collection


There is a ‘surprise party’ (read with air quotes), and then there is a ‘SURPRISE PARTY’ (read with googly eyes). If you’re anything like me, you know that the gift of predicting everything correctly is actually a curse. Very few things hold the ability to give you a rush of the unknown, as they say. And well, this is one of those very special things. 

Our favourite makeup brands have partnered up with the most unpredictable parties to create some amazing limited-edition makeup. If you’re one to like limited edition makeup launches, these brand collaborations will take your heart (and your vanity space). 

Ready? Take Out Your Credit Cards!

Here are six exciting new launches of some unpredictable collaborations. From Powerpuff girls to suicide squad, the makeup Gods (or just your favourite makeup brands) have blessed us with some of the coolest limited edition makeup launches in a while. Glorify your collector’s vanity by getting your hands on them ASAP. 

Professor Utonium Mixed The Right Ingredients This Time


Colourpop has come up with a collaboration with none other than the Powerpuff Girls! This fun and colourful makeup collection drips of summer colours, cute charms and obviously our childhood flashbacks. This range is a complete collection of eye palettes, lip colours, blush, bath bomb, lip masks, and hair clips. I don’t know about you guys, but my 10 year old self is begging me to buy her this. 

Hair Accessories, But Make Em Boujee

Get funky with your hair accessories and flaunt these cute scrunchies. Made with pure silk, these scrunchies are known to be gentle on your hair. Say bye to hair-snatching rubberbands and get your hands on these limited-edition babies. Who says you can’t look cute with your hair up in a bun?

The De VIL Is In The Details


W can Assure you that 101 dalmatians were not harmed in the making of this makeup range. The Disney Cruella Collection by M.A.C is a winner. Already gaining popularity, its cool packaging adds a cool black and white aesthetic to your vanity, with a pinch of dangerous red. 

Makeup Towels With A Side Of Nostalgia

How can you resist these cute makeup-removing towels? Take a trip back to Bikini Town with Makeup Erasers’ limited-edition SpongeBob collection. What a treat, for the eyes and your skin!

One For The Outcasts


If you’re a DC fan over Marvel, or just a plain fan of Suicide Squad, the limited edition Smashbox + Suicide Squad makeup collection has to be your pick. The brand has made sure to carry the same spunk of colours in the packaging, as shown in the movie. 

Another Jam For Your Makeup Playlist


You have added your favourite artist’s music to your playlist, good. But have you brought their limited edition makeup from e.l.f.? e.l.f. Cosmetics have launched a new range, called e.l.f. Electric Mood, with individual collaborative lines with Tove Lo, Tiana Major9, and Pitizion. I don’t know about you, but this is my personal favourite. 

Did you pick a favourite yet? 

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