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5 Lighting Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Applying Makeup & Clicking Selfies

5 Lighting Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Applying Makeup & Clicking Selfies

I can’t stress enough on the importance of clicking your makeup under good light. By good light, I mean natural sunlight. You may or may not know this, but lighting has the power to make or break your makeup look. The ugly truth is that many a time, we get it wrong. Thanks to photo editing apps, we can brighten certain areas of the face. However, we mustn’t rely on only beauty apps to make it right, we need to find a good source of light

5 Lighting Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Grab a pen and paper, will you?

Mistake 1: Clicking Pictures Under Yellow Light

Yes, yellow light does make your skin’s hue pop, but it becomes super difficult when you apply your makeup. It casts a bright golden hue that overshadows your skin tone. Because of this, you will have a hard time applying your base products like foundation and concealer. You will only realise that you’ve messed up when you step out and look at your makeup in natural light. 

Mistake 2: Clicking Pictures Under Florescent Light


Ladies, florescent light is not your friend. Many makeup stores in malls have them and trust me, if you’re trying to buy a foundation under fluorescent light, you are not going to find a foundation shade that matches your skin’s colour. In order to pick up the perfect shade of foundation, you must first see it on your skin in natural light. The foundation shade should not look a shade darker or lighter. On the contrary, it should look like it’s part of your skin’s natural colour. 

Mistake 3: Clicking Pictures In The Afternoon

The sun is at its peak during the afternoon. Whatever pictures you need to click, they need to be shot during the golden hour. A couple of hours after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Any picture clicked between these hours will not guarantee you great results. 

Mistake 4: Clicking Pictures From Above

No 1 rule is never to click your selfie under top lighting. It will create an unnecessary dark shadow on the lower parts of your face like your undereye area, chin and jawline. Invest in a ring light. This baby will distribute light all over your face and can even be carried around wherever you go. 

Mistake 5: Clicking Pictures With Other Lights In The Background

Artificial lighting is great, but too many of them in the background can spoil your picture. You see, makeup is all about detailing and the only light you need is the one that’s focused on your face and not anywhere else. 

And finally, always click pictures against natural light. This will make not only your makeup pop but your features too!

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07 Jul 2020

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