10 Life Changing Tips For Those Of Us Who Struggle With Applying Eyeshadow

Simer SethiSimer Sethi  |  Aug 8, 2018
10 Life Changing Tips For Those Of Us Who Struggle With Applying Eyeshadow

Many of us are comfortable with using foundation and blush, but when it comes to eye makeup, we shy away from using eyeshadow. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has beautiful yet unused eyeshadow palettes stocked up in my dresser. If you’re sailing in the same boat as me, here are 10 life-changing eyeshadow tips I want every girl to know. (You’re welcome!)

1. Don’t forget to prime

This is such an important eye makeup step yet so many of us skip it. Just how foundations work, your eyes too need a base so that the pigment glides on smoothly. There are eye primers available in cream, gel, and powder texture too. Choose one depending on your what suits your skin the best. 

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2. Know (and embrace) your eye shape

Close-set, deep-set, almond and hooded, are some of the most common eye shapes. Determining this helps you to know which part of the eyes would require the most highlighting.

3. Highlight your natural eye colour

When picking an eyeshadow or a particular look you saw on Pinterest, ask yourself if it’ll accentuate the natural colour of your eyes. Finding colours that complement your colour takes experimenting. You will have to try different shades to find those combinations that suit you the best. Here are a few tips to help you get there faster:

If you have,

Brown Eyes: Almost all colours would suit you. Colours like gold, green and purple would look stunning. 
Blue Eyes: Pigments like bronze, brown, black are the way to go. 
Green Eyes: Dark colours like plum, royal blue etc will flatter the colour of your eyes.

4. Decode your eyeshadow palette

We often have loads of palettes at home but don’t exactly know which shade is supposed to be applied where. This cheat sheet should help you get the most of a basic eyeshadow quad.

– The lightest colour usually works well as a brow bone highlighter.

– The second lightest colour usually looks good on your lid.

– The second darkest colour usually works best in your crease.

– The darkest colour usually works best in your outer corner.

5. Choose the formula of eyeshadow

Thanks to the booming beauty industry, you now have loose, cream-based and pressed eyeshadows to choose from.

While pressed eyeshadows are the most common type of textures because they’re easy to work with, loose eyeshadows are great for pigment. Fair warning: They may be super messy to blend.

Note: Cream shadows are perfect if you want a dewy sheen, but you should avoid them if you have oily lids.

6. Keep your blending game strong!

It is necessary to keep blending till you can’t see any harsh lines on your lid. The key to the perfect eyeshadow look is blending.

7. Choose the right brushes

Owning the right brush is a must for eye makeup. If you just can’t tell the difference between a flat eyeshadow brush, blending brush and a fluffy brush, this video will sort all your doubts!

8. Clean your tools

Getting those dark tones off your eyeshadow brushes is essential. Dip your brushes into a solution of baby shampoo and lukewarm water. Watch this video to see it step by step.

9. Balance it out

Make sure that if you go with dark eyes then you should balance it out with light or a nude lipstick.

10. Set it up with spray

If you don’t want your hard work to get, set the makeup with a setting spray.

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