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Say It With PRIDE: 6 LGBTQ+ Owned Beauty Brands To Bag During Pride Month

Say It With PRIDE: 6 LGBTQ+ Owned Beauty Brands To Bag During Pride Month

Love is love. And, we love it when our favourite beauty brands extend their support to the LGBTQIA+ community by donating a portion of their profits to various charities during Pride Month. But what we love more, is when we shop directly from the LGBTQ+-owned beauty brands.

There are very many ways to get involved during Pride Month. But one of our personal favourite is to make a conscious effort to shop from LGBTQ+ brands throughout June and beyond. Buying queer-founded products cuts out the middleman and supports small businesses directly, whether you’re looking for a new moisturiser, a new lip colour, or a shampoo and conditioner combo. We gathered up 6 such beauty brands owned by LGBTQ+ inventors that you should check out right away, ranging from hair care to makeup and skin care.

Stock Your Beauty Cabinet With These LGBTQ-Owned Brands


Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore (who identifies as bisexual) developed this beauty line with the goal of creating cruelty-free products that promote natural and pure beauty. For a dewy, radiant look, try the Spotlight Liquid Highlighter, which is enriched with goji berries and cranberry seeds.

Thrive Natural Care

Alex McIntosh, a co-founder of Thrive Natural Care, developed a plant-based line that is suitable for all skin types. The products are designed to empower and repair both your skin and the environment in a natural way, without depleting or harming communities or the ecosystem.

Freck Beauty

Remi Brixton, the inventor of Freck Beauty, was born in Seattle and has always been fascinated by freckles. Her quest for the perfect freckles led her to found a beauty brand that prides itself on expressing a bright and unique personality.

Jason Wu Beauty

Jason Wu has “always been intrigued about beauty,” so when he established his own product line to improve natural beauty, we couldn’t not add it to our shopping list. He launched his own beauty brand in collaboration with Toni Ko (founder of Bespoke Beauty). A portion of the proceeds from Jason Wu Beauty sales goes directly to Gay Men’s Health Crisis. This brand is for you if you want effortless glam at an inexpensive price with a meaningful aim.

Allies Of Skin

Nicolas Travis is the founder of Allies of Skin, a high-end skin-care line (as well as PSA Skin). The purpose of the brand is to be an ally to your skin, the environment, animals, and the LGBTQ+ community. The brand’s top-rated cleanser, the Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser, is ideal for all skin types and will brighten and moisturise your face.

Alder New York

Alder New York is a vegan skin and hair-care brand cofounded by David J. Krause that produces simple, stylish products for everyone. For Pride Month, the Ali Forney Center in New York City will get 10% of purchases from the Limited Edition Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist, which helps LGBTQ+ youth avoid the dangers of homelessness.

Bag these fab products right now!

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15 Jun 2022

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