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11 Things ‘Sex And The City’ Taught EVERY Girl!

11 Things ‘Sex And The City’ Taught EVERY Girl!

Whether you’re having a night in with the girls or just sitting alone wanting to get over a breakup, Sex And The City is that one show that will always have your back. Shot in New York City – the Big Apple, this show has everything… Fashion, friendship, love and heartbreaks which is why women of all ages relate to it. So, let’s raise a toast of cosmos and slip into a pair of Manolos to reminisce the times that Sex and The City made us all say – ‘That’s so me!’ Here are a few lessons to learn from Sex and The City.

1. When you know that it’s friendship that will take you places

Sure, this show is about love, heartbreaks and fashion – but what actually drives the plot till the end is the fact that four of them find comfort in each other’s friendship. Because, ‘Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.’


1 sex and the city moments

2. You almost always have nothing to wear…

We all have had days when we woke up to a closet overflowing with clothes but we still can’t find even one outfit that we like and that goes with our mood. Well, Carrie was so right when she said, ‘A closet full of clothes, nothing to wear!’


2 sex ad the city moments

3. There’s always that one guy who will break up with you abruptly!

That one boy who had no basic courtesy to break up. Yeah, you know him and you couldn’t help but think of that douchebag when Carrie got dumped over a ‘Post-It’. Say what?


3. sex and the city moments

4. Anyone who hurts your bestie deserves to be smacked!

You know that guy who broke your bestie’s heart? You cannot help but detest him. It’s cute how the little Charlotte in you is SO mad at him for making your bestie cry!


4. sex and the city moments

5. Breakups can lead to some serious philosophical contemplation…

You know those times when you make an effort to be with someone and it doesn’t work out? Instead, he ends up doing things that are completely absurd and heartbreaking? That’s when you ask yourself what Carrie asked herself… ‘If you love someone and you break up, where does the love go?’


5 sex and the city moments

6. Loving yourself is the most important thing

You may have had those moments when you had to muster up all your courage to walk out of something that no longer served you right. Samantha gathered the guts to walk out of a relationship that was holding her back, gave us the inspiration to do the same, if need be. It hurt, but it was probably the best thing to do, right?


6 sex and the city moments

7. You deserve true love!

The honest, inconvenient, can’t-live-without-each-other love! No matter what good or bad may have befallen you in the past, you deserve a fair chance at finding your soulmate. Everyone deserves true love… And you shouldn’t settle for anything less.


7 sex and the city moments

8. Live your life on your own terms

Samantha has an important lesson to teach you. Nothing in the world stops her from doing the things she likes and wants to do. You too have a Samantha in you who just wants to do the things she likes and not be afraid of people judging her… And that’s how it should be!


8 sex and the city moments

9. No matter how many times you fall in life, you have to get back up

When life knocks you down take some inspiration from Carrie, get back up and keep walking. You never fail till you give up. Thank you Carrie, for the inspiration!


9 sex and the city moments

10. Sometimes your bestie may need some serious advice (Read: scolding)

You probably have that one friend who has a habit of going back to the ex who troubled her the most and you’re tired of seeing her get hurt all the time. That’s when you need to be the slightly harsh Miranda and give her a little reality check.


10 sex and the city moments

11. You’ll eventually find your one-in-a-million man!

You may have at some point in your life, felt that you won’t ever find ‘the one’. But, believe that when the right guy comes your way, he will love you even for the things the wrong guy hated you for! Because you are powerful and were never meant to be tamed, anyway!


11 sex and the city moments

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17 Apr 2017
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