7 Cute Insta-Lessons Every Boyfriend Should Learn From Bollywood Celebrities

Chhavi PorwalChhavi Porwal  |  Jun 5, 2019
7 Cute Insta-Lessons Every Boyfriend Should Learn From Bollywood Celebrities


Welcome to celebrity Insta-classes! If you and your partner often succumb to the not-so-exhausting Insta-scrolling while waiting for your cab or before you fall asleep, you must have observed how some stars use the power of social media way better than the others. Call it the research of their PR team but the little tricks so work.

Instagram has over 400 million active monthly users so it’s obvious what you post on it, has a capacity of getting a lot of the attention. And if those facts ever make you wonder how exciting life would be if you and partner not only connected well offline but also online. Here are some celeb-approved lessons you can share with your boyfriend.      

1. Leaving sweet (and spicy) comments on your better half’s post

1 instagram lessons from celebs - Ranveer singh comments on Deepika's post

1 instagram lessons from celebs - Ranveer singh comments on Deepika Padukone's post

Image Source: Instagram

First thing first, how cute are Ranveer and Deepika’s conversations on Instagram. Their comments on each other’s pictures makes everyone wish they had a partner like that. So, what are you waiting for? Throw in some hints to bae so he starts leaving those lovey-dovey comments on your posts and of course, you’ll be reciprocating the same because you love him itta saaraaa…

2. Filling his Instagram handle with couple pictures

2 instagram lessons from celebs - shahid and mira kapoor

Image Source: Instagram 

It might not the best one but posting a lot of pictures with your partner is one of the greatest ways to show some love. It’s not a compulsion but it says a lot about the health of your relationship. Shahid Kapoor often posts pictures with Mira Rajput and clearly, they look amazing together. 

3. Showing some family love

3 instagram lessons from celebs - hrithik roshan

Image Source: Instagram

The more emotions a guy shows, more trustworthy and attractive he appears to women. The fact that a man is so connected to his family, says a lot about how he will be with his partner in future. Well, some people take their emotions to Instagram. Through beautiful pictures with their family, they explore the fun side of life. Hrithik Roshan happens to be one of the stars who often posts pictures with his father, his sister, his mother, friends, his kids and so on.

4. Cute pictures with the pet

4 instagram lessons from celebs - sushant singh rajput

Image Source: Instagram 

Pets are adorable. They are family and we all love them. Period.

They are so cute, kind and loving that a picture becomes more awe-worthy just because they stepped into it. A few posts with your cuties will work magic for your audience like it did for Sushant Singh Rajput.  

5. Fan of candids

5 instagram lessons from celebs - ranveer singh and kapil dev

Image Source: Instagram 

Candids are the best. Don’t you agree?! Natural pose, natural beauty, natural smile, natural confidence are all so attractive. What makes it more valuable and post-worthy is that candid shots often capture a person’s authentic personality. Untouched, unfiltered. Ranveer Singh seems to have enough shots on his Instagram profile to give everyone a lesson.   

6. Encourage female safety and health

6 instagram lessons from celebs - akshay kumar

Image Source: Instagram 

A man who is an aware and active promoter of female safety and wellness is the one we need the most in our country. If your man, much like Akshay Kumar, uses the power of social media to spread the knowledge and awareness, won’t it be a proud moment for you?!  

7. Appreciating your presence in his life on memorable occasions

7 instagram lessons from celebs - anil and sunita kapoor

Image Source: Instagram 

At times, one can’t express in words how much are they in love with you or how grateful they are to have met you. Imagine how overwhelming it would be when your partner expresses himself by posting a picture of both of you with the most emotional caption you’ve ever read. He sounds cuter already, doesn’t he?! On their 35th anniversary, Anil Kapoor shared a beautiful post for wife Sunita and God, it felt like they both are blessed to have each other. 

Featured Image Source: Instagram

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